Salvation Army adjusts hours, protocols

The food pantry at the Hannibal Salvation Army Family Store in Steamboat Bend Shopping Center, Suite 200A, is currently closed to the public, but clients can still get items outside the building from 10 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday.
Mike Thomas
Courier-Post Sports Editor
Posted: Mar. 21, 2020 7:25 pm

HANNIBAL | Food can still be obtained from the Hannibal Salvation Army under new procedures designed to keep clients and workers safe from the new coronavirus.

At the Hannibal location, hours for the food pantry and breadline will be from 10 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday.

“All someone would need to do is to call our phone number and get an appointment set up to come pick it up,” said Hannibal Salvation Army family service caseworker Alex McIntosh. “We are still doing our breadline daily from Monday through Friday, as long as we have bread.”

Salvation Army staff members will now bag the assortment of food items for clients, who will wait outside to the door to receive their items. Those who wish to receive assistance from the Salvation Army are now asked to call 217-222-2087 to set up an appointment.

Salvation Army marketing manager Carolyn Carpenter said staff members are taking extra precautions because of COVID-19.

“Everyone is practicing the social distances, and obviously everyone is washing their hands and trying to keep their coughs covered,” Carpenter said. “Keeping everybody safe is a priority, rather if it be keeping each other safe or keeping our clients safe.”

Since closing the Family Store, the Salvation Army has not been taking donations for the thrift store at either location.

McIntosh said the Salvation Army will rely on the Food Bank for supplies while the new policy is in place.

“The reason we are not taking (non-food) donations is because of the risk of spreading germs since it stays on surfaces,” McIntosh said. “It's really hard to make sure we are sanitizing everything that comes in. If someone wants to make a donation, they can call us, but we just won't be opening the doors for that kind of stuff.”

Those who wish to give a monetary donation, can come by during the times the food pantry is open, send it by mail or visit the Salvation Army website.

For now, the Hannibal Salvation Army will have a food cart outside the building available for those who need it outside of the 10 a.m. to noon time frame.

“We used to have a shelf out here filled, but since we closed, we had to come up with a different way to get that out there,” McIntosh said. “We roll those out every morning and try to fill it up the best we can.”

The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter will continue to operate in its normal manner during this time. It is available to any homeless person in the area, rather if they are local or transient.

“If anyone is homeless, they can still call us and we can get them set up with the homeless services that we have,” McIntosh said. “Right now, we are kind of on hold with face-to-face meetings.”

The goal for both locations is to resume all programs and re-open the stores on Wednesday, April 1. That date is subject to change depending on the risk at that time.

“No matter the time of year, the Salvation Army is always there to help give a hand up,” Carpenter said. “That is our mission to help those in need without discrimination.”



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