Planting of bald cypress plantation now a fall project

A purple robe locust tree was recently planted on the southeast corner of Cardiff Hill Overlook by Tree Board members Kristy Trevathan and Kyle Monroe. Plans call for a fall planting for the forthcoming bald cypress "plantation" in Hannibal.
By Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted: Jun. 3, 2020 8:55 am

HANNIBAL | The planting of a bald cypress “plantation” in Hannibal is now slated to take place sometime this fall.

The planting of approximately 75 of the trees on a city-owned parcel of land just south of Bear Creek and east of South Main Street was to have taken place on April 10, but the event was postponed.

“They were afraid the water was coming up, although the water never did get up that high, thank goodness,” said Hannibal Tree Board President Kristy Trevathan during the May meeting of that group at city hall.

The planting of the trees on the .75 acre of open, flood-buyout land that is maintained by the parks department is now set to occur this fall.

“I haven't picked a planting day. I am afraid to,” Trevathan said. “Normally a fall planting is in late September or early October, but you can plant as late as November. I would say we will plant the first of October, if we can.”

According to Trevathan, little preparation work remains to be done before the tree project takes place.

“We have laid the groundwork for the bald cypress grove,” she said. “We have already done the Dig Right (utility check). We have already got the money ($2,800, $2,500 of which was donated). We already have the tree source (from which the trees will be purchased).

“Once we say dig the holes, all we will have to do is show up and plant them.”

Tree rows will be prepared two to three weeks before planting by spraying them with a herbicide.

Trees will be planted in rows on a staggered 20- by 20-foot spacing.

“They will be spaced like a grove so there will be room underneath them to have picnic tables,” Trevathan said.

Concerns were voiced earlier this year regarding the suspected proximity of a storm sewer to the tree-planting site.However, it has since been determined that the storm sewer only runs along the edge of the planting area.

A scope of work plan covering tree planting and maintenance for the Hannibal Bald Cypress Plantation Project was presented to the tree board at its January meeting by Kyle Monroe of the Missouri Department of Conservation, who serves as an advisor to the tree board.



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