NEMO students make Mizzou dean's list

Posted: Feb. 17, 2020 1:30 pm

COLUMBIA, Mo. | Scholars from Northeast Missouri were among 9,745 undergraduate students who earned the academic distinction to be named to the dean's list at the University of Missouri.

NEMO students who received the honor were:

Bowling Green — Corey William Brown, senior, Engineering; Lauren Kathleen Merz, senior, Education; Emily L. Meyer, sophomore, Human Environment Science; Jack Alan Norton, junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Madeline Clare Perry, freshman, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Evan Elizabeth Scherder, senior; and Dalton Kaylann Sisson, senior, Arts & Science.

Center — Olivia M Jones, junior, Nursing.

Clarksville — Katie Patricia McCrory, junior, Health Professions.

Hannibal — Adam Lake Albright, sophomore, Arts & Science; Emily Anne Albright, senior, Nursing; Calen Rynae Bailey, senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Keaton Eugene Bartz, sophomore, Education; John R. Baumann, senior, Arts & Science; Elise Caroline Baumann, sophomore, Arts & Science; Sydney E. Bennett, senior, Journalism; Gavin J Booth, junior, Engineering; Isabella Marie Conley, sophomore, Arts & Science; Bradley Robert Curl, senior, Arts & Science; Grace Elizabeth Deien, sophomore, Arts & Science; Kylie Lanee Dickerson, senior, Business; Casandra Lindsay Draudt, senior, Arts & Science; Emily L. Edwards, junior, Arts & Science; Aaron C. Evans, sophomore, Health Professions; Olivia Hope Foreman, junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Andrew Harrison Gilstrap; senior, Business; Rachel Nicole Halterman, senior, Nursing; Maddie Michelle Janes, sophomore, Arts & Science; Austin Tyler Kirby, senior; Abigail Pearl Laws, senior, Arts & Science; Shelbie A. Mays, junior, Health Professions; Skylar Brooke Monroe, junior, Arts & Science; Kaylee Erin Murphy, junior, Education; Daniel R. Norman, senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Asha Aswin Patel, senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Kyler May Rademan, sophomore, Health Professions; Kaitlin Christine Rose, sophomore, Journalism; Jordan Nicolas Schafer, freshman, Arts & Science; Evan Christopher Wallace, senior, Health Professions; Christopher Stephen Wetton, senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; and Suzanne N. Wetton, sophomore, Health Professions.

Louisiana — Spencer Pershing Butler, sophomore, Engineering; Allyson Paige Minor, sophomore, Arts & Science; Molly N. Ross, senior, Health Professions; and Isaac J. Shade, senior, Health Professions.

Monroe City — Delanie Nicole Cochenour, junior, Human Environment Science; Blake Patrick Hays, sophomore, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Halli D. Karr, senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Brianna J. Maxwell, junior, Health Professions; Kelby Lynn Painter, senior, Health Professions; and Natalie Elizabeth Spalding, junior, Journalism.

New London — Loren M. Carlisle, junior, Engineering; Taron Glynn Finnigan, junior, Business; Bailey Don McMillen, senior, Health Professions; Caryn L. Meyer, senior, Journalism; Scot A. Roberts, senior, Business; Della Mae Rodenbaugh, sophomore, Arts & Science; and Trevor Riley Stratton, sophomore, Arts & Science.

Palmyra — Brock S. Boulware, junior, Arts & Science; Alexander James Bross, senior; Rachel Faith Conrad, senior, Arts & Science; Delanie Marie Fohey, junior, Health Professions; Zachary Scott Jones, senior, Engineering; Jason Thomas Powell, senior, Engineering; Keller Christine Shemwell, junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Joshua William Underhill, senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; and Lauryn Paige Wear, junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources.

Paris — Betsy R. Embree, senior, Nursing; Laine G. Forrest, senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources; Drew E. Lockhart, junior, Arts & Science; Delaney Nicole Miller, sophomore, Business; and Chase G. Redington, senior, Engineering.

Perry — Kaitlyn B Woodhurst, junior, Health Professions.

Taylor — Hattie E. Haerr, sophomore, Human Environment Science; and Cooper D. Sutter, senior.


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