Group hides 'Unity Rocks' in Hannibal

Sergeant Eric Jones, with the Marion County Sheriff's Department, shows a rock he painted for the “Unity Rocks” challenge. Participants in the event paint and hide rocks with the “Unity Matters” logo on one side and a challenge like “smile at a stranger” on the other side. About 35 rocks were hidden around town Tuesday, August 11.
Posted: Aug. 12, 2020 9:19 am Updated: Aug. 12, 2020 10:29 am

HANNIBAL | Unity Matters, a pilot program of Be The Change For Your Community and Bluff City Theater's Youth Education Theater Initiative and Youth Mentorship programs, is launching a fun “Unity Rocks” challenge.

On Tuesday, August 11, a diverse group of kids and law enforcement worked together, with special assistance and guidance from the Hannibal Arts Council, to paint rocks for their next service project. The kids will be hiding approximately 35 rocks on Tuesday, August 11, all around Hannibal, with hopes that community members will find the rocks and choose to take part in the movement.

Amy Vaughn, of Be The Change For Your Community, said, “This is a fun and easy way that the kids want to build momentum and engage others in spreading the Unity Matters message. We are hoping that some will gather their families and friends together for rock hunts, although, we also hope that someone may just happen upon one and decide to take part as well.”

When a community members spots a rock (all are painted with a special Unity Matters pattern), they pick it up and flip it over. On the bottom of each rock is a simple challenge, like smile at a stranger. The person who discovers the rock is encouraged to complete the challenge. Once the challenge is complete, participants are invited to post a picture of themselves with the rock on social media, along with the challenge and what they did with the hashtag #UnityMattersHannibal and tag one of the group's social media platforms.

The challenge continues when the person who completes the challenge hides the rock again for someone else to join in the fun. Challenge organizers hope the local social media pages will be flooded with positivity in these times of conflict and negativity.

“The kids are hoping that this project goes viral, so we are also asking people to follow us and share the Hannibal Unity Matters social media platforms as well.” Vaughn said.

The “Unity Matters” social media platforms include Facebook — Unity Matters – Hannibal; Instagram – #Hannibal_ Unity Matters and Twitter — UnitymattersHB.




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