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City to demolish former South Main Street bar

By Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted: Jul. 4, 2020 12:21 pm

HANNIBAL | A former South Main Street bar in Hannibal will be torn down by the city. The demolition was requested by the Hannibal Jaycees, which now owns the building located at 307-313 South Main St.

“It has been condemned by the city to tear down,” said Councilwoman Melissa Cogdal during a recent meeting of the city's building commission. “The building apparently has a lot of structural issues and does need to come down.”

According to Cogdal, the service club has agreed to pay for the necessary dumpsters, the teardown cost and any other expenses associated with the demolition.

The question was raised if the Jaycees can pay the city to raze the structure, why they don't just hire a private contractor to perform the task?

“They can't afford to pay it (demolition costs) all at one time,” said Andy Dorian, the city's director of central services, who added that the city would place a lien on the property in order to recoup the cost of demolition.

Cogdal offered her support to the Jaycees' request.

“The Jaycees do a ton for this community,” she said. “They are cleaning up that area and that area can use as much help as it can get. It is definitely going to help the aesthetics and safety in that area.”

“It (demo site) is going to be put back to use for public benefit,” said Dorian, adding that the land on which the former bar now sits will become part of the Jaycees' concert venue space.

Mayor James Hark noted that the city would not be setting a precedent if it were to honor the Jaycees' request. He recommended that the building commission handle the situation the “same way we did other properties where people in similar situations were afforded that opportunity to do the same (pay off a lien), regardless of whether it is an organization or not.”

In making a motion to perform the demolition Hark noted that “the fact is we are going to have to take it down anyway.”

It could be months before the former Mugshots Bar building is brought down.Mike McHargue, assistant director of central services (streets), called the pending demolition a “perfect wintertime project.”

“Snow could be flying and we could do this one. It could be frozen solid and zero three days in a row and we could do this,” he said. “I don't know if we can wait that long. It depends on what 'burner' you want this on.”

Cogdal did not convey a sense of urgency.

“I don't think we need to worry about timing as far as taking down that one. It's at our leisure,” she said.