Hannibal Fourth of July parade
Hannibal Fourth of July parade

The Hannibal Fourth of July parade included many patriotic business vehicles, along with walking representatives.

HOLLIDAY, MO. | Zachary A. Baker, 35, of Paris, Mo., suffered serious injuries at 8 p.m. Saturday, July 4, in Monroe County, in an ATV accident. He went by Monroe County ambulance to Moberly Regional Medical Center.

HANNIBAL | As lockdowns have been lifted, gyms have re-opened with new challenges of keeping clients safe.

Salt River Journal

Quite unexpectedly while all were sleeping, the dining room door — on the Bates Street side of the house — was thrust open with one blow of a battering ram. Standing in the doorway, between a startled Mrs. Van Evercooren and her baby sleeping in his crib — was a masked intruder with a revolver in each hand saying: “I want what money and valuables there are in the house — quick!”