Mark Twain senior Aidan Epperson signed his letter of intent Wednesday to continue his football career at Central Methodist University.

Mark Twain High School senior lineman Aidan Epperson signed his national letter of intent Wednesday afternoon to continue his football career at Central Methodist University.

Epperson spoke with the Courier-Post about his decision.

Courier-Post: What did it feel like to sign to play college football at Central Methodist University?

Aidan Epperson: “It's a big deal. It's a big day for me, an exciting day. Since third grade when I started playing football, I always had that dream of going to the next level, playing college football. For it to finally come true, I'm real ecstatic.”

What was it about CMU that made you comfortable and interested in playing there?

“I went for some visits and stayed in Fayette and it just felt like home. It had that home feeling to me. I'm a small town guy. Fayette is a small town. It felt like that was the place I needed to be. The coaching staff and the overall college just felt like where I belonged.” 

You were a standout on both the offensive and defensive lines for Mark Twain. Have you talked to CMU coaches about whether you will specialize on offense or defense?

“Probably focus more on defense. That possibly could change, but right now we're looking more so on defense.”

When you think about yourself on the defensive line, what do you most pride yourself in?

“I want to be that guy that's a mean, nasty defensive lineman that people don't like going against. That offensive linemen say, 'I don't want to go against this guy.' That running backs fear when they line up across from you.”

What have you learned over the past four years that helped you improve as a player?

“The biggest thing I've learned from all my coaches is facing adversity. From step one freshman year, first day, it was, 'How are you going to react when adversity hits you?' Over four years, we've had a lot of adversity hit us, me with injuries, but you've just got to keep pushing through.”

Is there a memory from playing at Mark Twain that stands out to you? 

“The first district win that we had my senior year here against Knox County, that win is probably one of my favorite ones that we've had. Just a small group of guys who nobody really thought could do it, but we made the comeback there at the end and got the win. That's probably my favorite moment from high school football.”

What do you plan to major in at CMU?

“I plan to major in business management, possibly with a minor in sports management. I've always had that business mindset to me. And if it all works out, maybe get into coaching, but we'll see if my path changes or not.”