Hannibal senior Shelby Stine signed Friday afternoon to join the Hannibal-LaGrange University women's soccer team.

Hannibal High School senior Shelby Stine signed her national letter of intent Friday afternoon to join the Hannibal-LaGrange University women's soccer team.

The Courier-Post caught up with Stine to talk about her decision.

Courier-Post: What are the emotions like for you to sign to play college soccer at HLGU?

Shelby Stine: “It's pretty crazy. I've been playing soccer ever since I was two, so it's been a main priority in my life. Getting to play in college is awesome."

What stood out about HLGU and made you comfortable going there for the next four years?

“Just that my family is close so I can always go home. Friends are close. People can just come to my games whenever. And the people at HLG are just so inviting. They don't care who you are, they'll just always invite you over to come hang out. I've had other offers, but HLG was the one that hit home the most.”

What are some lessons you've learned during your first three seasons at Hannibal High School that you think have helped you reach this point?

“I've learned a lot about people and just how to succeed in soccer. I've learned so much. And I hope to keep learning more in college.”

How would you describe the type of player you want to be? 

“I want to be a player that people look up to and want to be like me. Just a good team player. I want everyone to be like, 'Oh, go to Shelby, she'll help you do this or help you do that.' Just someone they can know will be there for them.” 

Do you have a favorite memory from playing high school soccer?

“All the games have so many memories. Every game is so much fun, just being with all my friends. Every game is just something new.” 

What are you most looking forward to at HLGU? 

“Probably meeting new people and just playing the game of soccer with new friends.” 

You set the single-season scoring record for the Hannibal girls program last season with 41 goals. When you look back and reflect on that, what does that mean to you?

“It's insane. I've been wanting to do that ever since I was little, so achieving that goal is awesome.” 

What are some goals you have for your senior season of high school, personally and as a team?

“I want to try and win most of our games, almost all of them, but if not, just get our team closer so we remember everyone before we leave for college.”

Have you gotten the chance to meet your future HLGU teammates? 

“Yeah, I've been to about five camps, so I got to meet all of them and I know them all by their first names. I won't really have anyone to meet when I get there. And coach (Tasha Flynn) is just the coach I want to have, and it seems like I'll learn a lot from her.”

What are you planning to major in? 

“Nursing. Just seeing the medical field is so cool. I job shadow at the surgery center in Hannibal. It's awesome. I love it. So nursing is probably my way.”