When it comes to the history of Mosswood Meadows Golf Course, Tim Quinn has witnessed it all.

When it comes to the history of Mosswood Meadows Golf Course, Tim Quinn has witnessed it all.

The Monroe City native has been a member since the course first opened in 1984. He has seen hole-in-ones, served on the board, and most importantly Quinn has seen the course evolve into one of the best-kept secrets in the area.

“I have been playing this game for 55 years,” the 69-year old member noted. “The course is always in tip top shape. The tee blocks are really nice and the fairways and greens are always well maintained.”

Quinn mentioned what he enjoys most about the course is the strategy involved in playing each hole.

“There’s just a lot of diversity on the course,” he said. “It’s not just up and down back and forth. Each hole offers a different unique angle and you have to know how to play them. You have to learn to place your ball unless you are like one of those golfers you watch on TV and can hit it 300 yards.

Despite not being able to “blast away” like he was once able to, Quinn said he can still compete on the course.

“I have lost some yardage over the years, but I think I can still hit it just as well as any other 70-year-old can,” he said with a laugh.

He also shared a laugh when asked about what kind of number he produces at the end of his round.

“I have shot par a couple times,” he said with a chuckle. “Usually it’s bogey 45, and I am lying a little bit too.”

Quinn admitted he has never come close to recording a hole-in-one, but he has witnessed a few.

He was with a friend and his friends’ wife during one of the aces.

“My buddy’s wife hit a hole-in-one while we were playing in a couples match,” he recalled. “We got back home that evening and decided we ought to call it in (WGEM), so we called and no one answered. We thought something big must be going on for them not to answer. After we turned on the TV we saw that the big news story was that the levy (in West Quincy) had broke. So that was a pretty memorable moment.”

The veteran golfer also mentioned when Mosswood Meadows was constructed in 1984, the course set a new trend for area courses.

“At that time, most courses in the area were all sand greens,” he mentioned. “We decided to built ours with the traditional greens. Then shortly after you saw all the other courses start to switch their greens as well.”

For the past several years Quinn has played in the Northeast Missouri Senior League. The league gathers six times throughout the year to play nearby 18-hole courses. Some of the courses on the tour include Tanglewood, Norwoods and Arthur Hills. Quinn noted his little hometown course is still his favorite of the group.

“I would put our course up against any of those,” he said. “This is just a nice, fun course to play.”