Palmyra senior Noah Wilson signed his national letter of intent Thursday to join the golf program at Columbia College.

Palmyra senior Noah Wilson signed his national letter of intent Thursday to join the golf program at Columbia College.

The Courier-Post caught up with him after the ceremony.

Courier-Post: Can you describe the excitement, the emotions today of signing to continue to play golf at Columbia College?

Noah Wilson: "I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit nervous. There are mixed emotions starting to come through me. Overall, I am very excited to continue to play golf in college. It means a lot to me just working hard these past four years. Finally knowing it pays off, it feels really good."

What was it about the CC program that made you comfortable committing your next four years there?

"My sophomore year at state, the first year I finished all-state as 12th, (Columbia College) coach (John) Utley came up to me after the round and shook my hand and introduced himself. That's kind of what led me towards him. He was the first one to even contact me about playing college golf. It was also kind of a gut feeling too. I tried not to overthink too much and just make a decision. I think I made the right decision."

Certainly you've made strides as a golfer every year of high school. How do you think you've elevated your game from freshman year to now?

"Freshman year, I finished middle of the pack at state. Junior and senior, I finished top 10. I like to think I've improved. I hope that I continue to at college. I've heard you get more relaxed when you're at college maybe. Hopefully that's true. Hopefully my golf continues to grow."

What do you expect this jump to the next level to be like?

"We're not going to be beating teams by 30 or 40 strokes anymore. We're going to be trying to fight for a W every time we go out on the course. There's going to be kids shooting four or five under par every day. I think I've just got to continue to work hard and spend a lot of my time on the golf course."

What are going to major in education-wise?

"I'm going to major in biology down there in Columbia. After I get a degree in that, I plan on going to Logan University, a chiropractic school down in St. Louis. We'll see where life takes me after that."

Being part of the Palmyra golf team the past four years, what's a lesson you can take with you to college?

"Just because you're from a small town doesn't mean you can't do big things. We proved that taking second this year at state. You always have to believe in yourself. You're not always going to get the W. You're not always to finish 4-under or 5-under par, but if you've got teammates alongside you, you'll be fine."

Will it be bittersweet to move on from your high school team?

"It's going to be tough. This was probably the most fun team I've been a part of throughout my whole high school career. I'm best friends with all the guys. We don't just golf together. We hang out on the weekends. We play ping pong. We do all sorts of things. It's going to be tough leaving them, but I'm excited to go to Columbia."

To finish runner-up at the Class 2 championships, was that icing on top of the cake to finish your time at Palmyra?

"It would have been even more icing if we would've won. But second at state is not too bad at all, I think. We went into that tournament trying to get a top four. We kind of calculated after sectionals. We were like five, maybe six strokes better than the fourth place team so we could actually make all-state. After that first day, it went like, 'Whoa, we're winning the state tournament.' The second day wasn't our ideal plan, but we'll take second place and best finish in school history. No doubt about it."