About 50 youngsters participated in the Hannibal Area Shooter's Education Youth BB Gun League program.

About 50 youngsters participated in the Hannibal Area Shooter’s Education Youth BB Gun League program.

The awards banquet was March 3.

The firearm safety awareness program sponsored by the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department met weekly for four months at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center.

Travis Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation was coordinator.

Moore said there are three main objectives of the Shooter’s Education Youth BB Gun League.

“The first is to teach area youths safe firearms handling methods,” he said. “These skills will be invaluable to them for their entire lives. The second objective is to provide an alternative sport.  For many of these youths, their personal interests lead them to this program. And the third objective is to help them grow individually. This not only includes improving their individual shooting skills, but also helping them work as part of a team, establishing an individual identity, and growing as a productive member of our community.”

The award winners are as follows:

Top teams

First place: Coach Malachi Dillman, members Madison Johnston and Cody Allen

Second place: Coach Jayden Ashe, assistant coach Gabe Thomure, members Austin Closser, Catheryn Wagoner and Trinity Tutor

Third place: Coach Evan Flaspohler, members Jace Miller, Natalie McCammon, Lauran Painter, Sydney Phillips and Joe Elzea

Individual winners

Most Improved: Emma Watkins

Sportsman’s Award: Aurora Shephard

Hatton Award: Jayden Ashe 

Top Positions

7 – 10 age group

Prone, Aurora Shepherd; Stand, Austin Closser; Sit, Nicholas Lawson; Kneel, Jace Miller

Top Gun, Austin Closser – 74.75

11 – 13 age group

Prone, Malachi Dillman; Stand, Lydia McCammon; Sit, Lydia McCammon; Kneel, Emma Watkins

Top Gun, Lydia McCammon - 81

14 – 16 age group

Prone, Stand, Sit, Kneel, Top Gun, Evan Flaspohler – 88

17 – 18 age group

Prone, John Fowler; Stand, Brandon Handy and John Fowler; Sit, Shelby Patterson; Kneel, John Fowler

Top Gun, John Fowler – 85

90+ targets

Ashton Alvey, Shelby Patterson, Alyssa Fountain, Lydia McCammon and Evan Flaspohler 


Noah Lawson and Evan Flaspohler

10X recipients

Erin Clark, Kady Minks, A.J. Kolb, Lauran Painter, Caleb Allen, Lydia McCammon, Braden Chestnutt, Aurora Shephard, Brad Tutor, Kurtis McCammon, Taylor Bramblett, Jayden Ash, Natalie McCammon, Trinity Rickey, Taylor Painter, Austin Culp, Noah Lawson, Wyatt Jones, Brandon Handy, Alyssa Fountain, Malachi Dillman, Ashton Alvey, Katherine Painter, AJ (Augustus) Herrin, Gabe Thomure, Sydney Phillips, Jaxon Lay, Evan Flaspohler, David Tutor, Shelby  Patterson, Bailee Sue Zinn, Emma Watkins, John Fowler and Nicholas Lawson