But if the civil disobedience does become widespread, if opposition forces become so polarized that "civil war" sporadically occurs in different areas of the country, what then?

As more and more civil disobedience is committed by protesters of a more violent nature, law enforcement is still reeling under the repercussions of Ferguson, Mo. The Obama justice department did more to damage the good name of America's law enforcement than anything they had done up to that time.

There are always "bad cops" who harm the reputation of good cops, but they usually do a pretty good job of policing their own ranks.

But with the specter of Ferguson still visible, Charlottesville erupted with the same kind of violence and hate-mongering from another sub-culture bent on violating civil law and order to expand an agenda they don't understand themselves.

President Donald Trump spoke out against these people, twice. After the first time, his critics (which are many) said he didn't get "specific enough" in naming those responsible, i.e., the KKK, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and other hate groups.

Did anyone see the hypocrisy in those critics, who thought it unnecessary for Obama to name radical Islamic terrorists, yet demanded Trump name names? They clamored for Trump to be specific in naming groups, and fashioned the lie that his response wasn't "immediate."

The truth is based on facts. Facts should be based on truth, but that isn't always so.

Now, with increased civil disobedience from these groups, law enforcement, thanks to earlier federal orders, is struggling to recoup and recover control in many places. Some people see the advent of body cameras as a protection and a deterrent to keep cops honest and responsible. Others see them as another link in the ball and chain preventing cops from effectively doing their job protecting citizens without fear of reprisal from every leftist, liberal, ACLU-represented group in America.

But if the civil disobedience does become widespread, if opposition forces become so polarized that "civil war" sporadically occurs in different areas of the country, what then? Civil war is an ugly thing.  Fighting among ourselves will never, ever, solve anything. But consider an alternative of martial law.

When a city or state becomes so filled with physical, warring factions the government may have no choice but to enact martial law.  And when martial law is enforced, they make up their own rules.

Curfews; travel restrictions; no group assemblies; maybe even restricted church meetings. School attendance might be restricted, but particularly with colleges who have a history of "uprisings". No one out after dark. And always carry your identification.

Martial law can be as ugly as civil war. What is the solution?

Trump said:

“... And as I have said many times before, no matter the color of our skin, we all live under the same laws. We all salute the same great flag. And we are all made by the same almighty God.

We must love each other, show affection for each other and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry and violence. We must rediscover the bonds of love and loyalty that bring us together as Americans.

We are a nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. We are equal in the eyes of our Creator. We are equal under the law. And we are equal under our Constitution. Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America."

If we all don't soon become united, work and stand together, we are going to face the consequences, and we're not going to like them very much.

Civil War or Martial Law.  Pray that these never become a reality.

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