One only has to look at the workings of the United Nations to see what American citizens have been Shanghaied into supporting for far too long.

On House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord "defies the governments of 194 different countries."

So what? When 194 countries agree to a bad idea, it's still a bad idea. America should not have even considered agreeing to it.

Pelosi and her liberal cronies apparently would rather have us defy our own country, jeopardize our own citizens, and throw away the American way of life so America-hating government officials of other countries can enrich themselves — not their citizens — with American money, while claiming to fight "global warming." Don't believe that countries like Somalia or Syria care about "global warming."

One only has to look at the workings of the United Nations to see what American citizens have been Shanghaied into supporting for far too long.

The United Nations, an intergovernmental organization to promote international cooperation,  was created to replace the ineffective League of Nations in 1945 after WWII to prevent another world war.  It had 51 member nations when it was founded, it now has 193.  The UN is financed by assessed and voluntary contributions of it's member nations. Of course, the richest nations pay the most, especially America. After the Cold War, the UN became mainly an international peace-keeping body, sending military and security details to many parts of the world.  Evaluations of the success of many UN endeavors are mixed at best. It is no closer to solving the world's problems in any matter, whether it is climate change (aka global warming), human rights, or peace-keeping.

The United Nations is the World's Money Pit. Located in New York City, the amount of unpaid parking tickets, traffic tickets, and other fines alone run in the millions of dollars every year. Ambassadors and staff from other countries are "protected" by diplomatic immunity; they can't be arrested.

The United States pays over 28 percent of the peacekeeping costs of the United Nations, three times more than the next highest paying country, and ten times more than other countries.  Most countries don't pay anything.  The UN peacekeeping budget last year was $8.27 billion dollars, of which the United States paid $2.4 billion. Japan is the next-highest-paying member at 11%, France pays 7%, Russia and China combined barely pay 10%.

The Paris Accord is just another way of distributing America's wealth, as President Donald Trump said.  Not only that, but through such treaties like the Small Arms Treaty, foreign countries seek to marginalize America's power, and control American citizens by limiting what they can or cannot own, whether it be a gun or anything else.  Today it's a gun; next it may be a car that has a V8 engine, or a house bigger than 1,200 square feet of living space, even a Bible or anything else labeled as being "anti-government."

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, said "It's unfortunate at the United Nations you have the Organization of Islamic Countries, which pretty much rules what goes on at the U.N." She goes on to say that since President Trump is in office and Nikki Haley is now the U.S. ambassador to the UN, things are beginning to change.

A very big change toward the re-enforcement and re-affirming the sovereignty of the United States is getting out of the Paris Climate Accord. It's the right thing to do, especially demanding the other 194 countries pay a fair share. It's putting America first.

The next step President Trump should take is move the world's biggest money pit — The United Nations — out of America, and get America out of the United Nations.