We're in this together

While the liberals are combing through phone records trying to find any and all members of Trump's administration who have “talked to the Russians” — which includes Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill — there is a move by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and others to reshape the political majority of every state in America.

Eric Holder announced this week that Obama is “ready to roll,” meaning he is ready to get back into the political spotlight. A big indicator of something in the works is Valarie Jarrett, Obama's top advisor and strategist, has moved into the Obama mansion in D.C. She had the ear of President Obama when he was in office, and she was privy to everything that was done or said in the White House, and according to some reports, laid out directions and instructions for everything from foreign affairs to the IRS targeting specific groups and people.

Now the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, with Holder as chairman, will focus on state-level races to regain state legislatures and return control to the Democratic Party in states that turned “red” and voted for Trump. Voting districts are redrawn after a federal Census to reflect the changes in population. Much of the redistricting across the country is done by the political party that controls the state legislature said Fox News Joseph Weber. The NDRC plans to file lawsuits in states to challenge the districting maps. However, Holder noted that with Jeff Sessions now as Attorney General the legal battles may be more difficult. He cited the recent ruling to throw out the challenge to prevent Texas from making Voter ID required to vote in the State of Texas.

The conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said “There is the execution of an attempt at a peaceful coup. A peaceful coup to oust Donald Trump is what we are witnessing. It’s been orchestrated by Obama and the Democrat Party. It’s that simple.”

There are a lot of “hold-overs” left in Administration positions who are clearly loyal to Obama, and the ones appointed by Trump are being confirmed slowly by design. Limbaugh goes on to say that Trump's tweet about it being a “witch hunt” is incorrect: The Democrats know exactly who they have in place, what they are capable of, and are going to use every resource they can to force Trump into resigning or impeach him.

One report says Obama loathes Donald Trump, and calls Trump's presidency “illegitimate.” To use an old phrase “it's the kettle calling the pot black.” From the start and throughout the last eight years of Obama's presidency there were questions about his qualifications. But all of that is in the past. We are beginning to see over the last eight years, Obama, guided by Valerie Jarrett, has created an “organization of insurgency” within the federal government to work against the Trump presidency. Along with the collusion of the Liberal Media that will stop at nothing to assist in the downfall of Donald Trump. Adding to this conglomeration of evil, George Soros-funded organizations are promoting civil unrest, lawlessness, and violence in the streets of America, causing millions of dollars of damage and the loss of life.

There needs to be a purging in this country, and it's not a purging of people: It's the purging of the ideas and philosophies that are against the American Way of Life, the Constitution, and Godly virtue. We are Free only as long as we are Responsible to God, ourselves, and each other. Jesus said “a country divided against itself will be brought to destruction.”

We're all in this together.