Additional layer of information would cost county around $800

Another new layer of information - elevation - might soon be available on Marion County's Geographical Information System (GIS) website ( The addition of the data was a topic of discussion Monday during the county commission's meeting at the courthouse in Palmyra.

Western District Commissioner Steve Begley said such information “would be really nice to have.”

“I know the (county's) highway department would use it quite a bit as far as finding drainage on culverts and things like that,” he said.

Mike Schaefer, superintendent of the county highway department, agreed that his personnel periodically have cause to utilize such information.

“We would use it,” he said, adding that currently such data is accessed from a website provided by the University of Missouri.

If given the green light to add a topography layer of data, Teya Stice, county coordinator, said she is uncertain if the information would ultimately come from MU or some other topography service.

Presiding Commissioner Lyndon Bode asked for Stice to check with the company that developed and maintains the county's GIS site - Midland GIS Solutions - to “see where they would get their (elevation) numbers from.”

Stice reported she had explored adding elevation to the county site earlier this year. The cost to do so would amount to a one-time fee of around $800.

“That might be worth it,” said Larry Welch, Eastern District commissioner.

If added to the county's GIS site a paid subscription would be required to view the new layer of information, according to Bode.
Marion County has not been afraid to add new elements to its GIS site. In April 2017 recently taken aerial images were made available free of charge.
The web address of the county's GIS site was unveiled in March 2016.

In keeping with the commission's wishes, some "basic service" data - a person's name, address, parcel lines, a brief legal description and the parcel number - was made available to the public at no charge. A subscription provided everything available on the free site, plus measuring/drawing tools, dimensions, acreage, districts (FEMA, ambulance, commission, fire, political townships, school, voting and water), section, township and range.


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