With 2017 nearly in the rear-view mirror, we take a look back at some of the most memorable stories of the year for the Hannibal area.

Hannibal is an old city with plenty of aging infrastructure. Few pieces of infrastructure are as old and as unsafe as the stormwater system, which deals with runoff from rains and deposits the waters in places away from homes and businesses.

With the system aging rapidly and the hazards of the system now acute, the Board of Public Works announced plans to renovate the system. The utility has begun development of a new stormwater utility to provide the funds needed to upgrade the entire system.

But with a patchwork of systems, many in need of complete repair, the cost won’t be cheap: a staggering $30 to $50 million will be needed to repair everything, not including any future maintenance costs. While the details have yet to be revealed and there’s no concrete timetable on when a utility may go into effect, the system continues to age, the BPW and city left to put weak band-aid fixes on a problem that continues to get bigger.