Monroe City Christmas parade features characters, champion footbal players

At the corner of U.S. Business 24/36 and Main Street, young children were getting impatient Saturday night.

They could hear sirens and see emergency flashing lights in the distance at 7 p.m., but the annual Christmas Parade seemed to take forever to reach them, and they were getting antsy.

“Why is it taking so long,” one little girl asked as she grabbed her mother’s leg.

Replied Mom: “Don’t worry, they will get here.”

She was not alone. Along Main Street, parents were sitting in chairs with blankets covering their legs to ward off the chill from the late autumn evening. Children had their buckets and bags ready.

Finally, at 7:16 p.m., the parade reached them as two parade marchers who were carrying the Monroe Chamber City of Commerce banner reached them to turn the corner. Then came a fire truck, siren going and lights a blazing.

Then came the candy. Lots of candy. The young girl who thought the parade would never reach her was grabbing candy as it landed, and smiling. The parade seemed with the worth the wait.

The parade, one of the largest in northeast Missouri, had theme this year of “Santa’s Workshop.” Floats were designed with the theme, meaning that Santa Claus and helpers were on many floats. The floats were competing for prizes.

A highlight of the parade was a flatbed truck carrying the members of the Monroe City Panthers football team, who one week before the parade downed Valle Catholic to win the school’s first state Class I championship in 21 years. It was clear from the parade, the celebration continues.

After the parade, the Chamber announced the winners: First-place, the Monroe City Christian Church; Second place, Turpin’s; and third place, C&R Market.

The Christmas season celebration in Monroe City continues after the parade with Santa making an appearance at the C&R

There will be a tree lighting contest on Dec. 9 with prizes awarded for residential and business displays. And the Chamber will host Chamber Buck drawings - $50 each on Dec. 2 and Dec.9, and $100 on Dec. 18.

Another major Christmas celebration is set for Thursday (Dec. 7) with the Caring for Christmas event in Paris. Lineup for the parade is at 4:30 p.m. and the parade is at 5:30 p.m. A highlight of the celebration will be a locally built Santa House.