Major streets to head list of repaving projects for 2018

People put the bonus warm weather currently being experienced in northeast Missouri to use in a variety of ways. At Hannibal City Hall it's meant a resumption of the city's multi-million dollar street improvement program that started this spring.

“We looked at the weather and we're going to be in the 50s and above the rest of the week so we're just going to take advantage of that to try and get done as many streets as we can this year before the bad weather hits and we have to pull the plug on it,” said Brian Chaplin, Public Works superintendent.

On Monday morning, Maple Street, between Church Street and Broadway, was being milled, which contributed to the traffic congestion typically experienced by parents dropping off students at Holy Family School.

After the repaving of Maple Street is completed, work will shift to another part of town.

“We'll jump over Mark Twain Avenue and do those roads above the Ayerco up there like Georgia, Sixth and Pleasant,” said Chaplin. “There's a lot of bad streets up there that we're getting ready to do the rest of the week. They were on the list to do anyway. We just thought we might just finish the year out up there. If not, we're just going to keep moving.”

Street milling and repaving is not occurring just because the temperatures are warm enough. Another major factor is the availability of the project's contractor, Chester Bross Construction.

“They finished up the projects (elsewhere) they had already,” said Chaplin. “They had an extra crew held back to see what we wanted to do. We said, 'Go ahead and start putting more asphalt down. We have no problem with that.'”

Since resuming work in Hannibal, Bross personnel have repaved Clinic Road, Communications Drive and some streets in the Surrey Hills subdivision.

“Hopefully the weather holds out for the next week and maybe we can add a couple more to it (list of completed streets), but if not we're happy,” said Chaplin. “We're just trying to get as much as we can done and then get a fresh start for the next year and keep going.”

In contrast to this year when the focus was primarily on the worst secondary streets, in 2018 some primary thoroughfares will be tackled.

“We have a lot of big streets next year to do like Market and Pleasant, Broadway,” said Chaplin. “Those are going to be our tough streets because there's a lot of traffic on those. We'll probably have to do those in sections to get those milled out and put back in.

“When spring hits we're going to go again and just keep moving and make this town more beautiful than what it is.”


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