Girl Scouts from Troop 9010 presented a creative show of gratitude to veterans at Willow Care on Thursday, Nov. 9.

Girl Scouts from Troop 9010 presented a creative show of gratitude to veterans at Willow Care on Thursday, Nov. 9.

Each of the girls made a poster for veterans to hang up on their walls, and they shared a “flag recipe” representing the symbolism of the American flag. Girl Scout Allora played the National Anthem on her flute, and all of the girls helped veterans make patriotic windsocks to decorate their rooms. Leader Kathy Riley said this was the first time the girls visited Willow Care for Veterans Day, and she enjoyed the creative methods for the Troop members to show their gratitude.

“I liked this one, because I really support the veterans, and I thought I would bring it to my Troop,” Riley said. “And when we did it yesterday, they liked it.”

Each girl mixed red, white and blue strips and stars into their metal bowls, pulling Old Glory out of the final bowl. Scouts Makenzie and Ella carefully folded the flag afterward. Allora said she felt nervous before playing the “Star Spangled Banner” for everyone, but that feeling was quickly replaced with happiness and appreciation for the opportunity to say thank you to the veterans.

“I liked building the crafts with them, and of course, playing the flute for everyone,” she said. Fellow Girl Scout Lilyan agreed.

She helped Chuck Jones, who served six years in the Navy during the Vietnam War, with his red, white and blue windsock. She said she appreciated the chance to help Jones create something he looked forward to displaying.

“He kept saying, ‘I’m going to hang this on my door,’” Lilyan said with a smile.

Jones said he enjoyed the flag recipe ceremony, music and craft session, along with the hand-decorated poster he received.

“It feels great,” he said.

Ron Foster also served during the Vietnam War, and he said he appreciated Makenzie’s help. He said his windsock was extra special because Makenzie signed her name on it.

“It’s very personal,” he said.

Makenzie said she felt similar feelings as she helped out at the craft table.

“It makes me glad because they served for our country,” she said.

After the Girl Scouts bid farewell to their new friends, they looked forward to their yearly tradition of visiting Willow Care to sing Christmas carols, with Allora planning to play her flute.

“I’m actually looking forward to the Christmas caroling, because I really like to sing,” Lilyan said. “I think everybody in the Troop knows I like to sing.”

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