A “packed house” Tuesday night held a collective breath at 6 p.m., as Foundation President Gary Yager drew a ticket and announced that Amy Dyer would be the weekly winner of $100 unless her chosen #24 turned out to be the jackpot winning “Queen of Hearts”. Alas, envelope #24 contained the 7 of Diamonds. Amy picked up her $100 weekly winnings, and raffle hopefuls went back to the pizza buffet. Shane Spalding announced that the Jackpot for August 26 will be $5,011.

The future Jackpot winner, if present for the drawing, will take home 75% of the posted or announced jackpot. 25% will be retained by the Foundation. If the jackpot winner is not present that person will receive 60% of the posted or announced amount while 40% will be retained by the Foundation to start the next game.

Ticket sales have picked up as the Jackpot rises.

Tickets can be purchased at all Monroe City banks, at JC Auto, at all home athletic events and from members of the Foundation Board including Gary Yager, Shane Spalding, Lou Lemen, Jim Masters, Diana Hendrix, Mark Saunders, Jennifer Richardson, and Dwayne Williams.