During the September regular meeting of the Ralls County R-II Board of Education the following topics were covered:

During the September regular meeting of the Ralls County R-II Board of Education the following topics were covered:

• Student recognition of 327 students was held to recognize all who attained Proficient or Advanced on the Spring 2017 MAP/EOC. It was a standing room only crowd.

• Lara Mobley and Diana Duckworth shared positive experiences from the Grandparent Dance. Several students shared dance moves they recently learned during a 1950s unit.

• Administrative Reports covered a wide array of topics including: Open House, recent completion of projects, Grandparent Dance, upcoming conferences, FFA, athletic teams, Evaluate Assessments, Data Teams, enrollment, Homecoming and more.

• A Waiver of Proof of Residency was conducted with the parent/power of attorney testifying. Later in the meeting the board acted on the hearing with the following result: Approval of remaining enrolled through Sept. 29 with continued enrollment if all the following conditions are met: Copy of Custody Agreement on file, custodial parent with lease or purchase agreement with Ralls County School District address, proof of living in residence (Superintendent verified), no extensions beyond Sept. 29.

•Two teacher contracts were amended after updated transcripts were received (deadline Sept. 1).

•Amendments were approved for the 2017-2018 budget to include updated coding, new additions to cover Kelly Education Staffing, full-time floating substitutes, salary/benefit updates now that hiring is complete, and updates to facilities improvement.

•MSHSAA Co-Op Agreement with Perry Christian for JH football was approved.

•ACT funding was eliminated by DESE, Juniors will not take the state-wide assessment as in the past three years. At this time Mark Twain will not pay for ACT exams.

•An overview of the Summer Journey summer school program was shared along with budgetary numbers, survey results, Evaluate Assessments, funding from state, transportation and curriculum units offered. This item will return next month for recommendation to continue for summer 2018.

•An athletic uniform rotation schedule is being drafted. This will return next month for recommendation of approval and implementation.

•The bus routes were shared. This item will return next month for approval for the 2017-2018 school year.

•Questar announcement resulted in non-comparable results for Algebra I and English II

state-wide. This does not affect individual student results. It is still unknown how this will impact the APR for 2017.

•Board meetings for December through April will begin at 6:00 p.m. (winter schedule)

•The addition of archery in physical education classes for junior high and high school is moving forward with teachers attending training September 18th to begin the process. We will be able to purchase all materials through the Missouri Department of Conservation and are eligible for two reimbursement grants of $1,500 each.

•Medical consortium for employees is working to rewrite a bylaw to protect the assets of the self-funded group in the event a school leaves the group with continued expenses for pay-out.

•A transportation, enrollment, attendance and food service report were shared with the BOE.

The next regular meeting will be Oct. 12 at 7 p.m.