Planned subdivision to be located north of Hannibal

Approximately a year after Marion County’s Planning and Zoning Committee initially approved preliminary plans for a proposed subdivision north of Hannibal, county commissioners on Monday signed off on the final plat.

“As long as you have the situation worked out on the sewer and all that stuff, I don’t see a problem,” said Steve Begley, Western District commissioner, to developer Tory Smith.

“I’m glad to see it happening,” added Larry Welch, Eastern District commissioner.

The new development, which will be called Calvert Estates, will be located on property between Route W and U.S. 61 north of Hannibal. Smith’s latest development will be adjacent to the Clear Creek Subdivision.

“It’s all bigger lots,” said Smith, noting that some of the new subdivision’s larger lots are 5 acres.

Some preliminary work at the development site has already occurred.

“The dirt work for the road is done. We still need to rock it. We’ll be doing that soon,” Smith said. “There is a little bridge we still need to build.”

Asked if he intends to construct “spec” houses in Calvert Estates as he has done in his Clear Creek development, Smith indicated he will only be selling lots.

In addition to his layout plans, Smith also discussed the subdivision’s property-ownership guidelines.

“It will basically have the same restrictions and covenants as Clear Creek, but I’m keeping a separate (homeowner) association from Clear Creek’s,” he said.

Lyndon Bode, presiding commissioner, applauded Smith for having property guidelines in place before any houses are constructed in Calvert Estates.

“It’s good to have them (rules) spelled ahead of time. If people buy them (lots) they will know what is expected,” he said. “They (developers) are able to put in a few more rules in than we’re able to as commissioners because we’re not given authority to do (certain restrictions).”

“Having good restrictions has helped several times,” said Smith.

The plans approved Monday, plus the development’s restrictions and covenants, will be available for public review at the county courthouse.

Monday’s appearance before the commissioners was termed an “information meeting,” during which county officials had the opportunity to confirm that Smith has done what he told Planning and Zoning he would do approximately a year ago when it gave its approval to his preliminary plans. Smith told the commissioners that he made few alterations to what he presented initially.

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