Couple escapes blaze unharmed with their dog; face concerns about where they will go next

With a series of loud bangs at their door, Georgia Cassady and Jeff Brown awoke from an afternoon nap to a startling realization — their house was on fire.

A passerby noticed smoke coming from the attic of the home, but Cassady and Brown didn't know the fire had started Wednesday, Aug. 16. The person knocked loudly on the front door of 1604 Sierra St. until they woke up. The couple escaped the house with their dog, a tote bag and a cell phone, but they were trying to determine where they would go next.

“We don't have anywhere to go,” Brown said. “We don't have any family. This is crazy. I don't know what's going on.”

Steve Barker, Chaplain with the Hannibal Fire Department, spoke with Cassady and Brown about contacting the American Red Cross to provide relief services. Fire Chief Sean Hampton said the fire appeared to have started in the attic, noting firefighters were battling smoke and fire in that area.

Within 20 minutes, the smoke coming from the attic had thinned drastically, and firefighters continued to work around and inside the house at 4 p.m.

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