Process begins to clear 14th and Broadway property

The last Blessing Hospital staff members have moved from the 14th and Broadway campus in Quincy.  A fence will soon be installed around the structure to keep people away from the property for their safety and the safety of the neighborhood. Crews will then begin the process of decommissioning and securing the building with the intention to begin demolition of the structure in winter 2017.

During the process of decommissioning and securing the building, Blessing will donate the remaining office and medical equipment in the building to the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, based in Springfield, Ill. A medical surplus recovery organization, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach collects, repairs, packages and distributes medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics around the world.

Blessing Hospital at 14th Street was known for 126 years as St. Mary Hospital, founded by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.

“In addition to the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach being an outstanding organization, it is an outstanding Catholic organization,” said Maureen Kahn, president/CEO, Blessing Health System. “Through this donation Blessing honors the work of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor who opened St. Mary, Quincy’s first hospital.”

Blessing purchased the property and building from the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in 1993 as the two providers worked to end duplication of healthcare services in the community.

Blessing used the building for 24 years until summer 2017 when the last departments moved to the new “Blessing Education Center,” at 5009 Broadway. Inpatient care has not been offered in the 14th Street building since 2015 when the Blessing Behavioral Center relocated to Moorman Pavilion.

“As with all things, the 14th Street building reached the end of its useful life,” said Kahn. “However, the importance of the care provided under its roof and the compassion and faith with which the care was delivered will forever be a part of this community’s history. Blessing will retain the property and it will again, someday, play a role in the health of the communities served.”

No plans for future use of the property have been finalized.