The new Eagle Scouts are Jordan Held, Evan Kaiser, Evan Lewis and Joseph Sheffer.

Four young men took part in a historic event on Thursday, Aug. 3, at Holy Family Church in Hannibal, where they shared an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. The new Eagle Scouts are Jordan Held, Evan Kaiser, Evan Lewis and Joseph Sheffer.

This was the first time four members of Boy Scout Troop 106 in Hannibal have become Eagle Scouts in a joint ceremony, according to Scoutmaster Chuck Clifton, who reported the previous record was two. The troop meets at Park United Methodist Church.

Several Boy Scout leaders participated in the Court of Honor, along with younger members of the troop. During the ceremonies, the honorees’ fathers described their childhoods.

After the four new Eagle Scouts were honored — and in turn honored their parents — State Rep. Lindell Shumake of Hannibal presented each of them with a Missouri House proclamation for their achievements.

What advice would the honorees give fellow Scouts who want to become Eagle Scouts? “Don’t procrastinate,” said Sheffer.

“Stay determined,” said Lewis. “It’s a long road, but you can do it.”

Kaiser said, “It is most important to merge it with your life in general.”

“Embrace all the duties of Scouting,” said Held. “It will stick with you for life.”

Scouts helped each other with projects

Some of the new Eagle Scouts completed their projects with the help of their fellow Scouts, and one of their mothers said this was not unusual, because the four have been close friends for years.

Held explained he enjoyed doing his project, making a life-size “Connect 4” game for Holy Family School students. The game is for all the school’s grades, he said, K through eight. It is made of treated plywood. It is kept inside during the summer, then will be on the playground in good weather.

“One of my favorite days was giving it to them,” Held said. He was inspired to make this game when he went to summer camp and saw a similar game. In addition to fellow Scouts and friends helping him, his family was involved, including his parents, Philip and Linda, and his sister, Lauren, and brother, Jared.

“I had to design it myself,” he said. He will begin a six-year medical program at UMKC this fall, for a medical career inspired by Drs. Susan and Erik Meidl.

Kaiser had invited the public to participate in his project, building bat houses at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center in January. Most of the houses were donated to the Hannibal’s Sodalis Nature Preserve, but the builder could take one home if desired. His bat house project was sponsored by the Missouri Bat Census and Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department.

Kaiser made six bat houses, in addition to helping others. He voiced thanks to the community for helping build the bat houses. His future plans include becoming a computer programmer, and after college he will consider becoming a Scout leader.

Lewis’ Eagle Scout project was building a new sandbox for children at the Knights of Columbus swimming pool. He did it “because they were remodeling the volleyball pit so the adults could use it. Beforehand the kids used to pay there a lot, so I thought the kids might not get to. I did it so the kids would have somewhere to play and not be under the feet of the adults.”

It was finished it in summer 2016.

Lewis also plans a medical career, and he plans to someday become an assistant Scoutmaster. “I thought about getting involved in college,” he said.

Sheffer completed his project in summer of 2016, when he refurbished the pre-K playground a Holy Family School.

He had no trouble finding a project, he said. “Mom is the pre-K teacher, and she suggested it.”

In addition to Lewis and Kaiser, his helpers included Alec and Donovan Mefford.

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