A public parking lot in downtown Hannibal was being resealed Tuesday by a private contractor, who was being paid by a local businessman.

A local contractor was at work in downtown Hannibal Tuesday.

“I’m seal coating this parking lot and doing the maintenance on it,” said John Bridgman of BridgmanASPHALT.com. “A local entrepreneur downtown here, Bobby Boland, is paying for it and helping spruce up the downtown area.”

According to Bridgman the work was needed.

“It definitely needed to be done,” he said. “Asphalt needs to be seal coated every few years to make the asphalt last a lot longer. Asphalt that is not sealed will unravel and crack. This is something that will extend the life of a parking lot by 10 to 15 years at least.”

The project was to wrap up Wednesday.

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