A stream of spilled oil was being cleaned up Monday morning in Hannibal. The stream extended from Hillside Drive to Sunnyside Avenue.

A leaking road oil container left behind a trail that stretched for several blocks through central Hannibal.

Initially the Hannibal Fire Department was called to Hillside Drive. Firefighters turned the cleanup chore over to members of the Street Department.

Street Department personnel armed with shovels spread sand over a stream of oil that extended down the street gutter from Hillside Drive to midway down Sunnyside Avenue where what had become a trickle ended.

Rich Dauma of the Street Department was supervising the cleanup. He said sand would be spread over the oil to absorb the black liquid. Dauma added that later in the day a street sweeper would be brought in to pick up the sand and complete the cleanup.

Dauma noted that the oil trail was visible all the way to Marsh Avenue. He added that aside from Hillside the amount of oil that had been lost was thin enough that sand was not needed.


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