Scooter riders outnumbered the BMX bikers and skateboarders in the ramp park contests Saturday, July 15, at Hannibal's Huckleberry Park.

Scooter riders outnumbered the BMX bikers and skateboarders in the ramp park contests Saturday, July 15, at Hannibal's Huckleberry Park.

Contest registrations started at noon, after Hannibal's second 2017 Ride Cool bicycle safety event began two hours earlier. These annual contests began at 1 p.m. and continued until 4:45 p.m.

Helmets - including some designed for ramp park use - continued to be received by the youth during the afternoon.

Nearly 150 helmets had been given away by the end of the day's events, according to Mary Lynne Richards of the Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department, which co-sponsored the event with the Hannibal Clinic Health Services.

Two of Hannibal's newest Toms and Beckys (Sam Hirner and Kendel Locke) were distributing the helmets to the bikers.

After receiving their new helmets, some children were taken to the park's playground, including Jonas Jurgens and Jeremiah Smith, who were sharing the big swing.

Miles Wilkerson was with his mom and 9-month-old sister, Mikah, at the playground, where he rode his trike while wearing his new helmet.

Prizes for the competition and many drawings were provided by two local bike shops, Coolbyke and Pedals’rs. Each bike shop owner had also donated a BMX bicycle.

During the contests, emcee Casey Otto of P9 Entertainment in St. Louis introduced Bobbie Altiser, owner of Pedals'rs, explaining he was an expert biker. Altiser entertained the crowd with numerous stunts.

The first contest was skateboarding, and the divisions were combined. Winners were, first through third place respectively, Chase Phillips, Zach Remeriz and (tie) Cage McKim and Stacey Job.

The BMX bikers competed next, with three divisions.

Winners were:
Beginners - Kameron Foust, Holden Otto and Trenton Smashey.

Intermediate – Jaycob Rowland, Lain Vanzandt and Mitchell McCennon.

Advanced – Shelby Meyer (the only competitor).

Scooter contest winners were:

Beginner – Jayden McCune, Dustin Smith and Isaiah Beahan.

Intermediate – Tristan Smith, Nick Collins and Cole Kuhlmeiar.

Advanced – Hayden Fisher, Merrick Crane and Dalton Haynes.

The bike from Coolbyke owner James Zimmerman was won by Leland Sweet, 11, of Hannibal in a drawing including all the competitors.

Altiser explained that the other bike raffle was a fund-raiser to help pay medical expenses of Tim Meyer, 21, of Hannibal, who was critically injured in a traffic accident a month ago. He said Tim is his close friend.

This fund-raiser was the idea of Tim's brother, Shelby Meyer. Shelby explained Tim suffered broken ribs and pelvis, and a collapsed diaphragm, and is still in the University Hospital in Columbia.

Reign Creech was among the bikers buying raffle tickets for this fund-raiser from Julie Zeiger and Jadynn Epker.

Nick Allen, 20, of Hannibal, won this bike in a raffle drawing.

Later Saturday Altiser reported, “We ended up raising $278 for Timmy's medical expenses!”

During the contests, a new raffle was offered by Jonathan Norman of Hard Times Tattoo. He sold $5 tickets for a $100 tattoo. It was won by Heidi Franton, who said she planned to include the names of her sons, Reign Creech and Hayden Fisher, but had not decided on a location or design for the tattoo.

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