New deck, interior surface, mechanical upgrades among the list of projects

Right after Labor Day, the Hannibal YMCA plans to have a completely revamped pool ready for action, from its new interior surface all the way up to its freshly-painted ceiling.

Aquatics and Marketing Director Kayla Williams said Bleigh Construction crew members began the project Monday, July 10, stripping the old tile surface. Williams said will be replaced with a grippier epoxy finish. The pool will be closed until Tuesday, Sept. 5 during the multi-stage project that spans from replacing the pool’s interior surface to mechanical upgrades for back filter room and the heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) system. Williams said that several stages will take place to make the pool more comfortable and give the entire area a fresh look for members — including a new coat of paint for the walls and ceiling.

“We want them to walk into a whole new environment, so we’re pretty excited to see what the end result is going to be,” Williams said.

In addition to installing new surfaces inside the pool and on the surrounding area, crews will upgrade the back filter room and perform improvements on the hot tub. Williams also said the HVAC system will receive a new diffuser to disperse airflow more evenly throughout the pool area.

Executive Director/CEO Eric Abts said the project is estimated to cost between $400,000 and $450,000. During the second day of work, crew members had removed a majority of the tiles that once surrounded the pool, hot tub and other sections. Abts commended the Quincy YMCA and Twin Pikes YMCA in Louisiana for partnering with the Hannibal YMCA to offer indoor recreational swimming locations for members. He also thanked the Hannibal Aquatic Center, Palmyra Community Pool and the Hannibal Country Club for assisting with swim team activities and aquatics classes. And most of all, Abts wanted to say thank you to the “wonderful and understanding” members during the project.

Williams said the YMCA will close for its annual repairs and deep cleaning Saturday Aug. 26, and YMCA staff members plan to have the revamped pool ready when the rest of the Y reopens Tuesday, Sept. 5. She noted that taking care of all of the projects at once will be more efficient and easier for members, and the improvements are expected to remain durable for years. For Williams, the project reflects the family atmosphere she experiences every day at the Hannibal YMCA.

“That’s why I love working here. I could go work anywhere, but it’s definitely that family atmosphere — and that’s what we want to keep,” she said. “And even with our staff, we’ve just got that rapport with each other, and we just hope that kind of spills out to our members, as well. Everything that we do is for our members, and we’re hoping that we’re meeting their needs for sure.”

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