Transportation omnibus bill originally addressed flashing lights

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed Senate Bill 8, introduced by State Sen. Brian Munzlinger (R-Williamstown). The bill deals with a variety of transportation issues.

The bill started as a simple to allow state-owned vehicles to display white or amber flashing lights at any time, not just when stationary in a work zone. Munzlinger filed the bill on Dec. 1.

In the ensuinging months, the House of Representatives added several amendments to the bill to address a wide range of transportation issues throughout the state.

For example, SB8 decreases government regulations for Missouri loggers and log haulers by giving them the freedom to haul additional forest products outside the 100-mile restriction. This bill also allows Missouri farmers to drive on state highways at night with properly lighted machinery during harvest season.

This act establishes a five cent per gallon motor fuel tax on propane fuel used to propel motor vehicles, to be increased to seventeen cents per gallon by January 1, 2025.

The act also modifies motor vehicle length regulations to allow for operation of articulated buses of up to 60 feet in length, not including safety bumpers and bicycle storage racks.

This act changes what entity may designate the roads on which a 14-foot length limit applies; and who shall issue permits for the movement of sludge disposal units, pump trucks, well-driller’s equipment, and utility wires, poles, and equipment; from the chief engineer of MODOT to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

Lastly, the act modifies the definition of “autocycle” to include partially or completely enclosed vehicles with a non-straddle-type seating area.