*Editor's Note: This opinion is in response to an article titled “Court won't weigh in on ATXI case” published in the Friday, June 30 regarding the Mark Twain Transmission project. The Missouri Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal vacating a PSC decision on the Mark Twain project. It did not directly address the Grain Belt Express case.

It is very interesting that the first two words of HCP online story about supreme court denying review of appellate court ruling in Ameren’s Mark Twain Transmission Project was “for now.” It is my understanding that the supreme court did not use the phrase, “for now” and it is my further understanding that the court of appeals did not use the phrase ”for now”. The phrase “for now” is an apparent spin by the Courier-Post to soften the importance or significance of the supreme court’s action. It is now apparent to me and many others that the HCP is simply a newsletter for BPW and Clean Line Energy/Grain Belt.

How convenient is it for HCP to get a quote from Mark Lawlor, project manager of Grain Belt Express, and not any of our local county commissioners. The PSC staff and now the courts have said the Grain Belt Express project is not viable or lawful. Grain Belt is going to spin this defeat anyway they can, but bottom line is they are not approved now, and the courts say they will not be approved under current law.

So, in my opinion “for now” or “time being” is forever, no matter what Grain Belt Express wants to spin.

—Macy Rodenbaugh, Ralls County