A fluffy white “silkie” chicken whose feathers look like fur was named Most Unusual pet at the F&M Bank's annual pet show June 30 in Hannibal's Central Park.

A fluffy white “silkie” chicken whose feathers look like fur was named Most Unusual pet at the F&M Bank’s annual pet show June 30 in Hannibal’s Central Park.

As children gathered around Taylor Schuenke to “pet” her chicken, “Cindy Loo Hoo,” she explained the chicken comes into her home each day and lays an egg on its favorite blanket. Chad Douglass, emcee of the pet show, said he wished it would lay an egg while on the judges’ table.

Another unusual sight was a miniature pony, “Smore,” owned by Avery Schuenke.

Dogs dominated the pet show, which had only a few cats.

Lak’ley Ferreira won for Best Cat with her “Alaska,” a big white cat with one green eye and one blue. The cat will be 1 year old on July 7.

“Hogan,” Clancy Dunker’s Great Pyrenees, was named Best Dog. It was among several big dogs and was perhaps the largest. It is 4 years old, a year older than Clancy.

Another large dog attracting attention was a Great Dane, “Daphne,” wearing a construction shirt. It was on stage with 2-year-old Sterling May, whose family has a construction company.

Several children brought their Huskys, including a 10-week-old Siberian Husky, “Jenna,” owned by Emma Martin.

Adria Howe’s French bulldog, “Yoda,” competed for Best Tom. Numerous smaller dogs competed for Best Dog.

The Best Pet Trick prize went to Sophia Albright’s Yorkiepoo, “Hollie,” after it showed how it obeyed her to sit, lie down, stay and speak.

Wearing a little hat, Rueben Murphy’s hamster, “Rascal,” was named Best Tom. There were no Best Becky entries.

Camrin Lake ‘s dachshund, “Charlie,” wearing a Cardinals shirt, won for Best Dressed.

Faith Watkins enjoyed showing off her ferret, “Percy,” as her mother, Tammy Watkins, explained the ferret had spent weekdays in her Hannibal High School room, where she teaches special education. “The kids love him, and he is hypoallergenic,” she said.

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