Map to be made available to county commissions, school districts and emergency personnel

A map of low-water crossings in a number of northeast Missouri counties and the routes around them is due to be completed soon.

The map, which is being prepared by the Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments (MTRCG), will feature the crossings in the eight counties served by the MTRCG — Audrain, Macon, Marion, Monroe, Pike, Ralls, Randolph and Shelby.

According to Cindy Hultz, executive director of the MTRCG, the undertaking began earlier this year.

Hultz says there are a number of crossings that are prone to being covered by water throughout the region.

What constitutes a low-water crossing? Map makers left that decision up to local officials in each of the counties.

“A list was provided by the county and they made the determination on what was a low-water crossing,” said Hultz.

During a meeting last month with the Marion County Commission, Hultz explained that the map is not an update of previous maps, but a new undertaking.

The MTRCG intends to make the map available to a number of entities within its service area.

“County commissioners will get a map of the low-water crossings and the alternate routes, schools if they want them and emergency personnel,” said Hultz.

Despite the fact most emergency responders rely on some type of global-positioning system to get them where the need to go, Hultz believes the MTRCG map can and will prove beneficial.

“If they (law enforcement, firefighters or ambulance personnel) are in a situation where they don’t have Internet service they will have a paper copy they can pull out and access alternative routes,” she told the Marion County commissioners.

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