The Madison FFA Chapter held their Year End Banquet on Thursday, May 11, in the Madison C-3 Gym.

The Madison FFA Chapter held their Year End Banquet on Thursday, May 11, in the Madison C-3 Gym. There were 50 members and 120 guests present. Our evening consisted of recognizing those outstanding individuals within our chapter for their outstanding accomplishments and those within our community for their continued support to our chapter.

Certificate of Appreciation and Special Guest recognition included: Mrs. Rapert, Superintendent, Mr. Stocks, Principal, Madison C-3 Board of Education, Past Madison FFA Honorary Degree Recipients, and Past Madison FFA President’s.

Tina Woods, John Swartz, and Angela Fields were awarded Honorary Degrees. Each recipient was awarded for their support and dedication they have had for our chapter.

The Blue Jacket, Gold Standard award was a new award this year. With this award, comes a new principle of responsibility and dedication to the FFA that we here at the Madison FFA Chapter, find rare and worthy of a new honor.This award is given to an individual or group who has gone or continues to go above and beyond the expectations of the chapter. This year’s recipient was Mrs. Dana Jones was the recipient of this award. Dana is also and Honorary Madison FFA Member.

The members of the Jr. High FFA were recognized along with those receiving the Discovery Degree: Mallory Greiwe, Joe O’Bannon, Abbie Thomas, & Rylee Thomas

Recognition was given to members who participated in the following:

Prepared Public Speaking: Ashlyn Peterson, Danielle Herrin, Kyrstey Langdon

FFA Creed Speaking: Marisa Holohan.

FFA Knowledge: Miranda Breid, Annika Salmons, and Rebecca Youse.

Livestock: Katie Thomas, Tyler Buck, and Bekah Ketchem.

Meats: Payton Greiwe, Austin Thornton, Jimmy Layton, and Dalton Graham.

Floriculture: Danielle Herrin, Staci Stokes, Shelby Arnold, and Emily Painter.

Dairy Foods: Maddie Breid, Ashlyn Peterson, Skyler Love, and Tyler Duff.

Trap Team: Billie Cullom, Skyler Love, Ashley Redenbaugh, Raven Thornton, Dalton Graham, and Joe O’Bannon.

State Talent and Choir: Kyrstey Langdon and Isabelle Wiesner

Courtesy Corps: Payton Greiwe, Bekah Ketchem, Miranda Breid, Rebecca Youse, Staci Stokes, Emily Painter, Raven Thornton, and Taylor Young.

Chapter Scholarship: Tyler Buck, Annika Salmons, Jimmy Layton, Ashlyn Peterson, Maddison Breid.

Proficiency Award: Hannah Deaver and Danielle Herrin.

State Degree: Maddie Breid, Ashlyn Peterson, Corrie Dunkin and Hannah Deaver.

American Degree: Katie Youse

Star Greenhand: Miranda Breid

Star Chapter Farmer: Austin Thomas

Outstanding 7th Grader: Reid Epperson

Outstanding 8th Grader: Abby Thomas

Outstanding Freshman: Dalton Graham

Outstanding Sophomore: Katie Thomas

Outstanding Junior: Staci Stokes

Outstanding Senior: Maddison Breid

DeKalb Agriculture Accomplishment Award: Payton Greiwe

HYMAX: Miranda Breid

HYPE: Ashlyn Peterson

Precision Ag Academy: Katie Thomas

Farm Bureau Youth Leadership Day: Danielle Herrin, Staci Stokes, and Katie Thomas

MOASK IRC Recognition: Members of the Livestock, Dairy Food, and Meats Teams

Senior Parents were recognized and the senior officers gave retiring addresses.

FFA Cords: Maddison Breid, Billie Cullom, Corrie Dunkin, Payton Greiwe, Shelby Hendren, Trinity Morris, Brieanna Staggs, and Austin Thornton

Madison FFA would like to thank those who have continued to support our chapter for past 15 years! We have an tradition started that we are proud of and could not do it without our amazing members and the outstanding support of our teachers, staff, parents and community! We can’t wait to see what we continue to accomplish in the future.