WHAT IS IT? Hannibal Board of Public Works senior operator Gary Tate and laborer Henry Krigbaum use a camera-equipped vehicle and television monitor to perform routine maintenance checks on sewers throughout downtown Hannibal.

Hannibal Board of Public Works employees have been conducting routine maintenance on downtown's sewer mains, using a specialized camera-equipped vehicle to look for leaks, blockage and other issues.

After cleaning work, crew members checked the mains along Main Street, and they performed a check at Main and Broadway before preparing to head toward 6th Street on Thursday, June 22. Laborer Henry Krigbaum said no issues have been discovered so far. The extensive maintenance work is performed every five years, Senior Operator Gary Tate said, noting it is particularly crucial following periods of heavy rainfall.

“After a flood, we want to make sure it's all good and make sure the downtown is taken care of,” he said.

Tate said he remembered when crew members used a small trailer, and they were able to perform the televised maintenance once per month. Today, employees “TV” 1000 to 1,200 feet of sewer lines each day.

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