WHAT IS IT? Air Evac Lifeteam crew members demonstrate the medical helicopter and answer questions during a visit to Summer School students Thursday, June 8, at Veterans Elementary School.

The crowd of Summer School students at Veterans Elementary School pointed and cheered as the Air Evac Lifeteam helicopter landed outside the school on Thursday, June 8.

Students and their teachers watched as the helicopter came to a steady landing, guided by Hannibal Fire Department personnel. Air Evac Lifeteam Program Director Brandon Buckman said he has visited with the students for the past few years, noting each event was exciting for the students and a highlight for the crew. He was joined by pilot Tony Ring, nurse Jaden Anders and medic Russell Flick.

Each class from the group of 269 students took their turn asking questions and examining the exterior and interior of the helicopter. The inquisitive kids learned that the helicopter travels 100 miles per hour,  holds a total of four people and why it didn’t have wheels — so Ring can land on various types of surfaces.

Buckman gave each student a sticker as they walked around the helicopter. They smiled as they learned about how the crew members performed their jobs.

“They always have a good time,” Buckman said.

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