WHAT IS IT? Paul White, with Paul White Construction, prepares the ground in front of 207 Bird St. for layers of rock and a new concrete driveway Monday, May 15.

The week's weather was off to a pleasant start on Monday, May 15, and Paul White with Paul White Construction was eager to dig into a new project following previous weeks dampened by precipitation.

White used his backhoe to remove old concrete and smooth the ground in front of 207 Bird St., as building owner Cindy Hannold looked on. She said she and her husband looked forward to seeing the new concrete go in, enhancing a historic section of town.

“We love the building, and we love the downtown area,” she said.

White said he began work on the location earlier in the morning. He said previous rainfall had limited projects to two or three days per week. The forecast for Monday and Tuesday would boost progress, he said.

After he installed and grated rocks, B & D Concrete Construction would apply the new concrete. White estimated that the project would be complete within a week.

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