A half-mile-long road that runs through the Ralls County townships of Jasper and Center will soon be closed.

A half-mile-long road that runs through the Ralls County townships of Jasper and Center will soon be closed. This was the first item discussed during the April 6 meeting of the Ralls County Commission.

Sara Ehret, a representative of the law firm of Briscoe and Brannon, and Scott Campbell, a concerned Ralls County resident, presented the formal application for closure to the commission. The road runs east one half-mile to the center of section twelve of Ralls County. The application, which claimed that the road had become useless and too burdensome for the county to maintain, had garnered many signatures from citizens of both the townships of Center and Jasper. A motion for the road to be closed was made by Presiding Commissioner Wiley Hibbard — a motion which passed with no opposition. A notice must now be posted in three public spaces in both townships giving residents proper notice of the road's closure.

In other business:

• Commissioners looked over the status of the county's regular payments for both one newly purchased road grader and one road grader purchased two years ago. According to Hibbard, the county's budget sits at a point at which one of the two machines could potentially be completely paid for.

• County Emergency Management Director Karen Hilgenbrinck reported that the county has an August 2018 deadline to prepare the needed qualification for a grant which would pay for a drone helicopter and the training of two individuals who would pilot it. Hilgenbrinck said the drone would be used for emergency situation such as search and rescue and fire response priority assessment.

• Road and Bridge supervisor Danny Clark updated the Commission on the county's current road maintenance projects.

• Many of the Ralls County elected officials met with the commission to review both the County Assessment and Revenue Funds. The percentages of the County's spending toward each office was discussed. The improvement of security at the county courthouse through the purchase and installation of cameras and/or extra panic buttons or the hiring of security personnel was also discussed amongst the officials and the commission.