Traffic Committee to ask property owner to trim tree

Hazardous tree
The Hannibal Traffic Committee will be asking property owners to trim a large tree near Deer Run and Rosewood because of the line-of-sight issue it causes.
Danny Henley
Courier-Post Reporter
Posted: Jul. 13, 2016 1:02 pm

It was not a question of whether a large tree near Deer Run and Rosewood in Hannibal needs to be trimmed, it was just a matter of who the city's Traffic Committee would ask to do the work during its Tuesday morning meeting at City Hall.

The five committee members present agreed that something needs to be done.

"It's massive," said Susan Osterhout of the tree. "It totally blocks the view of oncoming traffic."

"It's a line-of-sight issue," said Jeff LaGarce.

Because the tree is located on city right-of-way, Street Department personnel could be used to perform the task.

LaGarce, however, expressed reservations about using city forces.

"I'd hate to have to go in and hack on their (property owners') tree," he said.

The committee agreed to have a letter sent in behalf of the city to make a "friendly request" of the property owners to trim the tree approximately 6 feet up from the ground.

In other business:

After reviewing photos and hearing personal observations, the committee dismissed a complaint of too many vehicles in a driveway at West Ely and Settlers Trail.

Approval was given to designating three slots in a public parking lot as "two-hour" spaces to accommodate an adjacent barber shop. The shop owner had initially asked for a two-hour space to be designated by his shop in the 100 block of South Fifth, but he advised the committee that the problem of workers from a nearby bank parking in front of his business had already been addressed.

Dismissed was a request to put a sign on Warren Barrett asking traffic to not block Irwin Street while vehicles wait for a train to pass. It was noted that similar situations exist elsewhere in the community, some of which are not railroad related.

Ken Steffen said erecting such a sign on Warren Barrett would "open a can of worms."

Handicap parking spots were approved for 3720 Tilden Street and 824 Vermont Street.

The issues approved will go before the City Council at its Tuesday, July 19, meeting.


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