Another industrial loop manufacturer in Hannibal will close its doors by the end of 2017, taking with it 45 jobs.

Another industrial loop manufacturer in Hannibal will close its doors by the end of 2017, taking with it 45 jobs.

ContiTech, the owner of Cosmoflex — which produces rubber and miscellaneous plastics — informed employees on Tuesday, May 9, that production will cease at the Hannibal location.

Instead, operations will shift to a Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, facility in order to “optimize the company's manufacturing footprint” according to KHQA, the Courier-Post's news-gathering partners.

Antje Lewe, spokeswoman for ContiTech, said the move will “results into a transfer of our current PVC hose operations, located in Hannibal, Missouri, to the Mt. Pleasant plant to optimize our manufacturing footprint... Our intention is to find the best solution for the employees affected.”

ContiTech will be working with current employees in the coming months to discuss individual opportunities.

George Walley, the executive director of the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council, was surprised by Wednesday's announcement.

“They haven't complained about anything or asked us for anything,” he said. “A year or so ago they expanded their building. It's a company that's been sold several times.”

Walley said he would have appreciated some notice from the company, acknowledging Cosmoflex's move may have nothing to do with Hannibal, but was purely a business decision.

“Here's what I don't understand, why don't companies have the courtesy to the city manager or the senior elected official and give them even five minutes warning that they've made a business decision?” Walley said. “I know and Jeff (LaGarce, city manager) knows that companies make business decisions. It doesn't mean they're unhappy with the community. They've got multiple plants just like when Manchester (Tank) made the decision that getting everything under one roof in Quincy was a business decision. And if Manchester hadn't left we wouldn't have gotten the General Mills expansion.”

While the loss of 45 jobs is certainly a disappointment, Walley explained a silver lining with the closure of Hannibal's Cosmoflex plant.

“Closings are never good news; however, the good news is that this is a rail served building which makes it the only available rail served building in our area,” he said. “The demand for rail is very high at the moment and we have not had properties nor buildings that are CERTIFIED Rail served, meaning that they have rail spurs connected to their property or that the railroad has issued a letter saying they would be willing to serve the property or building.

Cosmoflex announced in October 2014 that it would expand it's 30,000-square-foot facility. This came after the company agreed to pay an $80,000 fine to settle a series of violations of environmental regulations related to the public reporting of toxic chemicals at the facility.

Cosmoflex is the second manufacturer to announce it is closing its doors in Hannibal.

Buckhorn Rubber announced in February it would cease operations in Hannibal. That decision will amount to the loss of about 120 jobs by the end of 2017.