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  • Video of the Day: If you left your elephant at the beach, please report to the lost and found

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    Florida beachgoers were surprised this weekend to find an elephant, all by itself, taking a dip in the refreshing Gulf waters. It turns out the pachyderm was part of a nearby birthday celebration and simply wanted to cool off a bit. Now that pink seashell you found on Miami Beach seems a little boring, doesn’t it? 

    Screen time
    The Bachelorette” season premiere (9:30 p.m. EDT, ABC) - If it’s not the least-real of all “reality” shows, “The Bachelorette” at least comes in somewhere near the top of the list. Everyone watching the show knows this… and nobody cares. Maybe it’s not “really real,” but it’s catty, conniving, packed with eye candy and a ton of fun to watch. This season’s installment begins with “Bachelor” rejectee Andi Dorfman meeting the men who so dearly want to take her hand in matrimony (or at least join her in the world of minor celebrity).
    Worst of the day
    Speaking of “The Bachelorette,” there’s at least an even-money chance two or more of the contestants will end up in a hot tub at some point in the season. And unless “itchy spots that develop into a bumpy rash” and “pus-filled blisters around hair follicles” sound like fun, that’s a very bad idea.
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