Paris High School’s class of 1969 celebrated the 45th anniversary of its graduation Saturday night, Aug. 2, at Mark Twain Country Club, accompanied by members of PHS’s 1968 and 1970 classes.
Joy Frederick Kelly, class of ‘69, said more than a hundred grads, their spouses and friends joined in the enthusiastic evening highlighted by a spirited trivia contest and concluded with a mad-capped auction.
She said 28 1969 class members were present while 14 grads of ‘68 and 17 ‘70 members were in attendance.
Before the festivities began, David Jones, class of ‘69, asked for Mrs. Kelly, Sarah Yager Bates, Connie Morgan Williams, from the class of ‘69, Janet Mitchell Huffman, 1970, and Jean Henning Bell, Barbara Rives Carman, Brenda Heathman Dowell and Bernda Siron Duncan, all of ‘68, to take a bow for their efforts to plan and carry out the event.
All the attendees were delighted Emmett Brown was present. Mr. Brown, whose daughter, Jamie Brown Schwartzott, is a member of the ‘69 class, lives in Columbia. He spent 35 years teaching industrial arts at PHS, in four decades, 1950s through the 1980s. He sponsored the 1970 class.
After a Jeff Wilkey-catered roast beef and salmon dinner, Barbara Rives Carmen put on one of her hour-long patented entertaining Paris trivia contests, pitting the classes against one another. At the end, the class of ‘70 was declared the victor, however, there was much protest and consternation from members of the other classes as to who actually won the hotly contested event. During the game, Mrs. Carman informed the PHS alumni the high school newspaper, the Coyote Capers, was no longer being published.
Dean Sharp, class of ‘69, auctioned donated music cds, potent potables and a product from Crop Production Services to raise money for his class. He managed to squeeze out more than $300 from an raucous audience that was left laughing from the Holliday native’s benign teasing of bidders, engaging antics, salient anecdotes and jokes.
The consensus of those attending agreed that a good time was had by all.
Mrs. Kelly said the 69ers bank account was virtually depleted before the dinner, but with the auction’s proceeds, and class members Dean Sharp, Denise Turner, Stuart Clark, Linda Albright Love, Carolyn Roegge Thompson, Margie Miller Anglen, Charlie Jones, Stephen Rowe, Mimi Baker McRoberts and Lonnie Wolfe making personal donations, the class’ coffers had been increased to $1,000.
Friday, Aug. 1, several members of the classes met at Millers Tavern in Paris. Among those that attended, but did not go to MTCC on Saturday, included Donna Fohey Mitchell and husband, Larry, Shelbina, Tom Threlkeld, Paris, Kenny Shumard, and wife Barbara, of Holliday, and George Buckman, Linda Hardwick Moad and Eddie Neale, all from the class of ‘69, and all from  Mexico.
On Saturday morning, eight ‘68 classmates that attended the dinner later that night
met for a luncheon at Jacs restaurant, in Paris.
Five members of the 1968 class and their spouses that attended Saturday night live in the Paris area. They include Bob Conley and wife, Karen; Jean Henning Bell and husband, David; Sonny Ketchum and wife, Elinda; Eddie Vaughn and his wife, Brenda; Brenda Siron Duncan and husband, Don.
From Mexico, Brenda Heathman Dowell and husband, Keith, and Sam Kinder attended.
Others from the class of ‘68 that were in attendance were Joy Blades Powers and husband, Ed, Macon; Larry (Skip) DeOrnellas, Stoutsville; Margaret Hall Ferrell and friend, Larry Evans, Kirksville; Jane Halley Mitts and husband, Charlie, Centralia; Vickie Jones Hollingsworth and husband, Paul, Spikard; Barbara Rives Carman and husband, Gale, Columbia; Shelia Smith Pemberton, of Bailey, Colorado, and her two sisters, Carol Vance and Starla Smith.
Eleven members of the class of ‘69 that attended Saturday night still have Paris addresses. They included, with spouses and friends, Joy Frederick Kelly and husband, Pat; Sarah Yager Bates and husband, Richard; Margie Miller Anglen and husband, Bill; Lonnie Wolfe and wife, Terri; David Graupman and wife, Cherie; Mike Wilson and wife, Kathleen; Louis Webber and wife, Regina; Larry Heathman and friend, Margie Seely; Greg Huffman and wife, Janet; Ed Fields and Denny Hollingsworth.
Three couples from Centralia were present: Connie Morgan Williams and husband, David; Gene Crow and wife, Sarah and Janet Dowell Davenport and her husband, Howard.
Carolyn Roegge Thompson and husband, Breck, and Stuart Clark, all of Moberly, were in attendance.
From Mexico, both Linda Albright Love and David Jones were present.
Other ‘69 class members in attendance Saturday ninght included Stephen Rowe and wife, Shelia, Madison; Ava Ruth Barnett Summers and husband, Rex, Hallsville; Jim Warren, Columbia; Dean Sharp and his wife, Mary Ann, Destin, Florida; Jamie Brown Schwartzott, Ft. Meyers, Florida; Charlie Jones and wife, Bernadette, Holliday; Paul Holingsworth and his wife, Vickie, Spickard; Denise Turner, Jefferson City; Bruce Carpenter and wife, Marta, of Fulton, and Eddie Painter, Higbee.
Five classmates from 1970 that still live in Paris and attended included Janet Mitchell Huffman and husband, Greg; Steve Kinder and wife, Hazel; Phllip Shatzer; John Threlkeld and wife, Chris; Gayle Wilkerson and wife Sheryl.
Columbia residents Lucinda Baker and Nina Gayle Carter were present.
Other ‘70 classmates participating Saturday were Monty Dunlap and wife, Becky, Perry; Cindy Hayes Engle, Windsor; Rich Hodits and wife, Kathy, Camdenton; Brad Hufty and wife, Nana, Bowling Green; Tonya Reams Kinney and husband, Charles, Mexico; Kay Heckart Thurston and husband, Ron, Centralia; Lois Sharp Olivas and husband, Martin, Perry; Richard Duncan and wife, Terry, Cairo; Ed Kelly and wife, Mary, Moberly.