A riverboat without a paddle wheel?

A riverboat without a paddle wheel?

Such a spectacle could be seen at the Hannibal riverfront for a few hours Monday morning while the American Queen was docked.

“I’d like to know what happened to the wheel on the back of it,” said Marty Miller of Hannibal, who rode a bicycle down to the riverfront on Monday. “It (Queen’s paddle wheel) is about as third as big as some of the old boats used to be.”

According to a statement issued by American Queen Steamboat Company’s President and COO, Ted Sykes, “the paddlewheel was removed and disassembled to make a repair on the main shaft, which developed a stress fracture.”

Sykes stressed in the statement that the repairs have not impacted the riverboat’s trips on the river.

“The American Queen has resumed her regularly scheduled itinerary under the power of Z-drives and the paddlewheel will be re-assembled once repairs have been made,” he said, adding that all modifications on the American Queen have been approved by the Coast Guard.