In 2003, Kenneth Eugene Windle was sentenced to serve five years with the Missouri Department of Corrections. He was charged with statuatory rape and statutory sodomy, both in the second degree, Class C felonies. The sentence was issued in  Jefferson County, Mo., by Judge Edward M. Williams, following Windle’s guilty plea.
He served his sentence and abided by the probation guidelines issued by the court. He obtained his GED and paid his court fines.
 He completed his probation and parole in February 2009.
In 2013, he moved with his wife to Hannibal. On Tuesday morning, July 22, he admitted to Judge Rachel Bringer Shepherd that he had failed to register in a timely manner as a registered sex offender.
“We moved up here and I didn’t register,” Windle said.
Failure to register is a Class D felony, punishable by up to four years in prison, according to Marion County Prosecutor David N. Clayton.
Clayton recommended a sentence of four years with the Missouri Department of Corrections, and a suspended execution of sentence. He also recommended five years of supervised probation.
Judge Bringer Shepherd asked Windle if he understood what probation means.
“I keep on the straight and narrow so I won’t go back to prison,” he answered.
Windle’s wife, shaking her head no during the proceedings, left the courtroom and wept in the hallway.