Three-month-old Benton Otten someday will learn that he honored Bryan Nichelson by wearing a U.S. Army costume in Hannibal’s baby contest on June 28.

Three-month-old Benton Otten someday will learn that he honored  Bryan Nichelson by wearing a U.S. Army costume in Hannibal’s baby contest on June 28.

Nichelson is serving with the Missouri National Guard in Afghanistan.

Benton won the boys’ costume contest and also took second place in his age division in the “beautiful baby” contest.

His mom, Peyton Studer, ordered Benton’s small Army cap and tie  from Etsy, an website that offers all handmade items.

She explained that Nichelson saw him for only one hour after he was born March 1. He was already been in training for his deployment and left April 2, she said.

She expects Nichelson to return from Afghanistan between January and June 2015. Meanwhile, she said, “we talk on Facebook.

He has seen pictures taken at the baby contest, she said, “and he thinks he is adorable.”

Additional “beautiful baby” contest winners and their parents, were:

• Girl’s costume – Zoey Schwanke, Cody Schwanke and Jenna McLaughlin

• Decorated diaper – Penelope Elliott, Michael and Sissy Elliott

• Girl and parent look-alike – Caylin Boots, Cody ıoots and Dana Niffen

• Boy and parent look-alike – Aidyn Bryant, Travis and Sarah Bryant

• 0-6 months girl – Brigid Keely Murphy, Shae and Becca Murphy

• 0-6 months boy – Mirek Henley, Sam and Crystal Henley

• 7-12 months girl – Sophia Charlton, Çlifford and Megan Çharlton

• 7-12 months boy – Aiden Washington, Claudia Washington

• 13-18 months girl – Jessalyn Gonzales, Amanda Richardson and Jesse Gonzales.

• 13-18 months boy – Jace Underhill, Josh and Megan Underhill

• 19-24 months girl – Tayleigh Robertson, Rob and Kandice Robertson

• 19-24 months boy – Aidyn Bryant, Travis and Sarah Bryant

• 25-30 momths girl – Madilyn Sims, Philip and Jami Sims

• 25-30 months boy – Bentley Bendure, Austin Hudson and Jami Bendure

• 31-35 months girl – Vada Rule, Ben and Stephanie Rule

• 31-35 months boy – Ace Calvin Jones, Calvin and Angelicia Jones


Young royalty crowned


The baby contest at the Hannibal Middle School was followed by the Miss Hannibal Junior Queen and Mr. Hannibal Pageant.

Winners and runners-up, were:
• Little Mr. Hannibal, Tucker Denehy, first; Preston McGuire, second; Jacob Jones, third; Ryken Hedgepath, fourth; and Kolton Powell, fifth

• Mr. Hannibal – Danny Powell, first; Casch Greving, second; and Auston Jones, third.

• Little Tot – Mildred Stewart, first; Lily Ashby, second

• Pee Wee – Peyton Edwards, first; Maryn McGuire, second; Kelsey Lightle, third; Kennedy Smashey, fourth; and Jordysan Bartels, fifth

• Little Miss – Sawyer Smth, first; Macie Sanders, second; Allie Sims, third; Addson Veach, fourth; and Hailie Dalton, fifth.

Winners of the talent contest winners were:

• Ages 3 and 4 - Preston McGuire

• Ages 5 and 6 - Peyton Edwards

• Ages 7 and 8 – Hailie Dalton

The oldest queen, 7-year-old Sawyer Smith of Canton, who was crowned Little Miss, was no stranger to the stage.

She won a queen contest at the Lewis County Fair in 2013, and she will return this summer to sing “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen.”

She also likes to sing a Luke Bryan song, “Play It Again.”

Sawyer will be in second grade at Canton R-5 school, where she enjoys recess. ”We go outside for recess. That’s my favorite thing to do.”