For the first time in my year and a half playing softball with Immanuel Baptist Church, we had the whole team on hand for a game. Every person was there.
So what did having a whole team do? It not only led us to a win, but a convincing win! That’s right, we beat Calvary Church 23-10 in six innings of play as every person that took a turn at the plate contributed to the win - except me. Yup, I was a big fat 0-for-4. But hey, we won.
As the game started, I was behind the plate catching. One of the players from the game that just finished gave me a few words of encouragement. I thanked him for it, but then mentioned my eight-year-old son Caiden plays a much better catcher than I do.
I did make a couple of plays tonight though, so hopefully Caiden will be proud of dear ‘ole dad.
To begin the game, Calvary’s leadoff batter struck out, but the ball was in the dirt and I was quick to pounce on it and tag the runner out. I also blocked a throw coming home that prevented opposing runners from advancing.
But I wasn’t the only one making defensive plays. Our pitcher caught a couple of comebackers and our center fielder made a diving catch to rob a Calvary hitter of extra bases. The catch made by Tanner Sublette was so amazing, the Calvary batter didn’t even know he was out.
Offensively, we scored three in the first, one in the second, six in the third, two in the fourth, and none in the fifth to take a 12-9 lead heading into the sixth.  Calvary scored once in the top of the sixth before we exploded for 11 runs as every player in our lineup took a turn at the plate.  
Unfortunately I was the ultimate rally killer. Twice I was the third out, including the sixth inning when I flew out to end the game. But, on the bright side, I did fly out. After two ground outs and a foul out, I actually drove the ball deep to left field, where it was caught.
All in all, it was a fun team win. It’s just a shame we can’t use some of those runs in a future game.