April Azotea seemed a little shaken when she first took the witness stand in Marion County Associate Court on Monday, June 23, but as questioning began, she confidently answered the questions put before her.
Azotea testified that she was the bartender on duty at a North Main Street establishment during the early morning hours of April 27, when Michael Hagan, who was at the time employed in a prominent position at a local bank, came into the facility with his wife.
“She came up to the bar first,” ordered a drink and went out on the patio, Azotea testified, referring to Hagan’s wife. Then Azotea waited on Michael Hagan. “He was obnoxious. I didn’t know who they were; I thought he was being silly.”
On the witness stand, Azotea repeated her recollection of what Hagan said to her next.
But before she spoke, she asked Judge John J. Jackson if it was OK if she used a cuss word. After he assured her it was acceptable, she paraphrased:
“You’re from f….. Quincy? You need to take your a.. across the river. Give me a f…. beer. You’re nothing but a f…ing b…..”
The musician at the facility stepped in to help Azotea determine what kind of beer Hagan wanted.
“The particular beer he chose” was in a large bottle, and as he poured it into his glass, it was getting ready to overflow, Azotea said.
Marion County Prosecutor David Clayton asked for clarification. “Did he put his own beer in the glass, then pour the beer on the bar?”
“Yes,” she said, nodding her head in the affirmative. Then she repeated what Hagan said next, “Clean it up, b…..”
“I told him to leave, and cleaned up the mess.”
She testified that Hagan went outside, but continued to call her names.
A customer tried to calm Hagan outside, and a fight broke out. Azotea went outside and also tried to calm Hagan down. “I’m in the middle, and (Mr. Hagan) pushed me and I fell into the window.”
She then testified that Hagan pulled out a black hand gun which had a laser pointer. She estimated that there were 10 people on the patio at the time, and Hagan was running around in the street (unsuccessfully) looking for the man he got into a scuffle with. “He (Hagan) pushed me up against a brick wall, and he put the gun to my head. The defendant was mad because I wouldn’t call the cops.”
At that time, multiple people from the establishment called 911, she said.
Azotea said that she was scared for his wife’s safety. “He was smacking her,” Azotea said, and then testified that Hagan’s wife responded, “Oh, I’m used to it.”
Azotea said that she saw Hagan throw the gun into his wife’s purse. “We heard sirens and he was yelling at her to take off with the gun. She left before the police came.”
All total, Hagan had the gun out for five to 10 minutes, Azotea testified.
In the courtroom on Monday, Hagan’s wife was smartly dressed in a Kelly green dress, white bolero sweater, a medallion necklace and stiletto heels.
Michael Hagan sat beside her with his arm occasionally around her shoulder   while the other cases were under way. When Azotea testified, Hagan’s wife kept her head bowed and eyes lowered, while a supporter sitting behind her patted her on the shoulder.
Hagan, who has been under house arrest since posting $75,000 surety bond on May 14, was the only defendant in the courtroom Monday morning not in the custody of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. Contrasting the other defendants’ orange jumpsuits, Hagan was dressed professionally in a dark suit, crisp white collared shirt and a maroon print tie.
Judge Jackson found probable cause during the preliminary hearing and bound Hagan over to circuit court, where he faces arraignment at 9:30 a.m. July 7.
Hagan is represented by John Ochs of Clayton.