Marion County Prosecuting Attorney David Clayton has announced that two counts of Assault in the First Degree charges have been filed against Dustin Thomas Dye, who allegedly caused serious physical injury to a 7-week-old infant known as “Baby Nora.”

Marion County Prosecuting Attorney David Clayton has announced that two counts of Assault in the First Degree charges have been filed against Dustin Thomas Dye, who allegedly caused serious physical injury to a 7-week-old infant known as “Baby Nora.”

Clayton said the charge of Assault First Degree carries a range of punishment of up to life in prison, so if convicted, Dye faces up to two consecutive life sentences.

Dye, 29, of 3112 Rendlen Ave., in Hannibal, was arrested Saturday and remained in Marion County Jail on Monday with bond set at $250,000, cash only.

“Baby Nora” was injured on Tuesday, June 3, according to a Hannibal police report.

On Monday, June 9, she remained in St. Louis Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, where her mother reported her condition was improving. (See related article). During the past week, several reports of the baby’s condition and many promises of prayer have been posted on social media.

On Sunday, Clayton promised, “this case will be my highest priority,” adding, “It is shocking that a person could (allegedly) intentionally cause this type of harm to such a defenseless infant.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the baby and her family as hopefully they can start and continue a process of healing, physically and mentally,” Clayton said.

“The Marion County Prosecutor’s office will work closely with all contributing law enforcement and social service agencies to assure that this little girl and her family receive the justice they so much deserve.

“The community should be aware of just how hard the officers of the Hannibal Police Department have worked on this case to apprehend the suspect. I know they have worked extensively, attempting to locate him after what appears to be an elaborate attempt to evade arrest. Their persistence yielded results, and Mr. Dye was apprehended last night (on Saturday, June 7),” Clayton said.

He added that ethical rules require any prosecutor to state that a charge against any person is an accusation and that all defendants are presumed innocent until or unless they are found guilty.

The warrant Clayton filed charges in count I that Dye “knowingly caused or attempted to cause serious physical injury to N.B. (the infant), a 7-week-old infant, by shaking her and/or striking her in the head, and in the course thereof inflicted serious physical injury to N.B.

Count 2 of the warrant charges that Dye knowingly caused or attempted to cause serious physical injury to N.B., by striking her in the groin and buttocks area and/or by throwing her down to the ground, and in the course thereof inflicted serious physical injury to N.B.



Probable cause statement describes infant’s condition


The following details are in the probable cause statement provided by the police to the prosecuting attorney.

The report states an HPD officer was notified on June 3 that an injured infant was in Hannibal Regional Hospital.

It stated the mother’s boyfriend, Dustin Dye, was the suspect.

At the hospital the infant’s mother, Melinda Britt, was interviewed.

The infant, N.B., was using a breathing tube and her head appeared to be swollen and slightly misshaped. Photographs were taken.

The officer was informed the infant was soon to be taken by ambulance to the Children’s Hospital in St. Louis.

The nurse reported there was apparent trauma to the vagina and buttocks, and photographs were taken. Due to suspicions of sexual abuse, a diaper and clothing were seized for evidence. They were later sealed and stored.

Another officer reported a nurse said the infant had multiple skull fractures with brain swelling and internal head bleeding.

Kimberly Britt, the infant’s grandmother, was interviewed and reported that Dustin Dye had been watching the infant while her mother, Melinda Britt, was working at Printex. Kimberly said while Dye and the baby were visiting Melinda, during her lunch at work,

Kimberly said when Dye came to see Melinda at lunch Melinda found the baby was cold to the touch. She said Melinda and Dye took the baby to the hospital, and they noticed the side of her head was swollen. Kimberly said the ER personnel said the baby had multiple fractures and may have possibly been raped.

Kimberly said Dye hold Melinda nothing had happened but later changed his story and said she had been dropped.



Dr. Hussein, a doctor in the ER, said there were signs of skull fractures as well as swelling and bleeding internally in the head.

He said there were also signs of sexual assault. He said the baby was in an unstable condition and was being transferred to a Children’s Hospital in St. Louis.

The ER secretary reported Dye had called and said he was the acting father since the baby’s birth. Dye was told he needed to come to the hospital to verify who he was and Dye ended the phone call.

The Division of Family Services was called to do an investigation.

The baby had to be incubated to steady her breathing.

When Melinda was interviewed, she said Dye had left after they arrived at the hospital.

Melinda reported she left the baby with Dye, her boyfriend, when she went to work at 3:30 p.m.  June 3.

She said he was not high or intoxicated when she left. While she was at work, Dye told her he was at Beth Haven Nursing Home visiting his grandma and would meet her at Printex for lunch at 7:30 p.m. with the baby.

Melinda said Dye arrived at 7:45 p.m. and the baby had an irregular cry, soft and weak. Then they took the baby to the hospital.

Melinda said she handed the baby to the doctors to start the IV and noticed a large bump on her head. She said at Printex Dye had told Melinda he had an altercation with his aunt, and he said his aunt had him so mad he was ready to fight someone. While at Printex he acted like nothing was wrong, when something clearly was, Melinda said.

The DFS worker arrived and reported the baby was going to be taken into protective custody.

Dye’s aunt, Angela Lake, also was interviewed. She said on June 3 she went to visit her mother, Karen Dye, at the nursing home and Dye came there with the baby. She said he became angry and argued with her. She said she was afraid of Dye.

She said the baby had a black eye.

Lake reported Dye has a history of drug problems and had been aggressive and out of control. She said he would have the ability to hurt the child.

The probable cause statement continues with a report received on Thursday, June 5, after the baby was in Children’s Hospital. A doctor who is a child abuse special said there were two possible fractures in “Baby Nora’s” right wrist and ligament damage to her neck, which is somewhat consistent with shaken baby. Also, there was one large skull fracture on the left side of her head, and there were brain bleeds under the fractures.

The doctor said she believed the baby was hit on the buttocks or thrown down.

After his arrest, Dye was interviewed. He was asked what happened to the infant and did not explain. Asked if his grandma had dropped the baby, as someone said he had told her, Dye said no.

He said he did not know what happened to her.