Summer school students in Hannibal’s elementary and middle school will have some special learning opportunities this year.

Summer school students in Hannibal’s elementary and middle school will have some special learning opportunities this year.

Maria Mundle, director of curriculum and instruction with the Hannibal public school district, explained they will be offered the choice of attending one of three academies.

They are:

• Pirate Techies, centering on the use of technology.

• Pirate Investigators, which will be science-related, with indoor and outdoor activities.

• Pirate Performers, which will focus on the arts. It will have art and music teachers in addition to the regular teachers.

All the academies will be taught through basic instruction, Mundle said.

“Kids will be very interested in the academy that they will choose, so they will be more motivated to learn and continue to participate in summer school.

“This year summer school will be only three weeks, from June 9 to June 27,” Mundle said. The scheduled time is 8 a.m. to noon.

Both breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students, she said.

Each of the academies will have a culminating activity at the end of summer school “to show the work they have done,” Mundle said.

Special help will be provided to students who need it, she added. “We also will have teachers working with those students who need a little extra help.

“Some students have been encouraged to attend to get the additional needed support for reading instruction.”

At the middle school special instruction is being offered in both reading and math.

The high school will have traditional classes, she said, “along with P.E. health opportunities, driver’s education and credit recovery.”

Students will be attending the school offering the grade they will enter in the fall, Mundle said.

The pre-K and those entering kindergarten will have summer school at the Early Childhood Center on Veterans Road. “The kindergarten students were already there, so it made sense to have them stay there,” she explained.

All elementary classes will be at Veterans Elementary School. This will be for students entering grades one to five.

Students in grades six to eight will go to the middle school, and those in grades nine to 12 will go to the high school.

She said enrollment has increased at the middle school and she anticipated 200 will attend.

Some teachers will be volunteering at summer school, Mundle said, “in addition to those on contract. They (the volunteer teachers) get hours toward their student tutoring, on their career ladder.”

Meghan Karr will be principal of the Early Childhood Center.

W.T. Johnson, who is retiring this year as assistant principal at Veterans Elementary School, will be summer school elementary principal.

Rich Pugh, a behavioral intervenist at the middle school, will be middle school principal.

HHS Assistant Principal David McCollum will be the high school principal.

When students arrive at Veterans Elementary School, they will go to the gymnasium, where they will select the academy they want to attend, Johnson said. He and Judy Hodgson, summer school elementary secretary, have tables ready to complete the academy signup process.

Teachers in each grade for each of the three academies also have a schedule planned.

At the end of summer school, the students will have a field trip or an event to showcase the work of their individual academies, Johnson said.

Enrollment was continuing on Friday, June 6, where Hodgson reported she had a total of 459.

Johnson and Hodgson have worked at elementary summer school for the past 10 years, Johnson said, adding that “the support of Dr. (Jill) Janes and her staff and all the teachers’ time and efforts over the years have made summer school a meaningful and positive experience.”

Mundle said many students have already been enrolled in summer school, but it is still possible to do so. “If parents have not had the opportunity to enroll a student for summer school, they may still attend, but need to call the individual school.” The phone numbers are: Early Childhood Center (573) 221-3054; Veterans Elementary School (573) 221-0649, middle school (573) 221-5840 and high school (573) 221-2733.