ST. LOUIS – On Memorial Day, the Cardinals honored more than just the United States military veterans who gave their lives for their country. They also honored retiring Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.
The Cardinals presented Jeter with a pair of cufflinks bearing the likeness of Cardinal great and Hall of Famer, Stan Musial, that were designed in St. Louis. The Redbirds also gave Jeter a check for $10,000 to his Turn 2 Foundation. Presenting the check and cufflinks to Jeter were the Cardinals’ Hall of Fame No. 2, Red Schoendienst, and the Redbirds Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith.
“It is much appreciated,” Jeter said of the ceremonies he has been receiving around the game. “That is something that is not expected. The way the fans have treated me, pretty much every where we have gone, it is something that I will always remember.”
The Yankees’ current series at Busch Stadium III will be just the third time the Cardinals have faced New York in Jeter’s 20-year career. The last time the two clubs faced each other was almost 10 years ago at Busch Stadium II.
At Busch Stadium II, Jeter was 5-for-13 with no home runs and three runs batted in over three games back in 2005. Jeter’s career at Busch Stadium III consists of just one game, the 2009 All Star Game. During that game, he was 0-2 with a pair of runs scored.
“I played here in the All Star game,” Jeter said. “But, we haven’t played a series here yet as a team.”
After playing his whole career for a tradition-rich franchise like the Yankees, Jeter noted that the Cardinals are also deep in history and tradition.
 “There is a lot of history here in St. Louis,” Jeter said. “St. Louis has had a lot of success over the last number of years. They went to the World Series last year and we are trying to get one. There is a lot of history and a lot of tradition. This is a baseball town. Everywhere you always see Cardinals’ stuff. This is a fun place to play, from what I understand and what people have told me.”
Entering play Monday, Jeter had 3,362 career hits with 257 home runs and 1,271 RBIs. He has scored 1,890 runs and stolen 349 bases with a .312 batting average. He is 57 hits away from tying Carl Yastrzemski (3,419) for eighth all time. Jeter is 11th in runs scored and trails teammate Alex Rodriguez by 29 for 10th.
With a strong season, the Yankee shortstop could possibly finish his career as high as sixth all time. Currently, Cap Anson (3,435) holds that spot. With 60 more runs scored, Jeter could pass Stan Musial for ninth all time.
“This game is not easy,” Jeter said. “I think a lot of the time, people get caught up in the numbers and they base everything on that. I have told you before, that if you feel good, then the hits will come. Some days they come in bunches and some days it takes a while.”
After he plays his final game of the season, whether the Yankees miss out on the playoffs or make a deep postseason run, the Yankee short stop will be done with baseball.
“I plan on enjoying myself,” Jeter said. “I am making no plans and I think that is the best plan to have.”
When asked if he will watch any baseball, Jeter was quick to respond.
“No, not at all,” Jeter said.
While he doesn’t have coaching in his plans, Jeter would like to join an ownership group.
“I would like to,” the Yankee legend said. “I have said it before, I would like to be a part of an ownership group and call the shots. That is about it for me though. I wouldn’t coach, there is too much travel.”